Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – Is The Four Kings Casino and Slots game easy?

Submitted by Anonymous – Is The Four Kings Casino and Slots game easy?

Since I’m really not sure whether or not this questions is about trophies or the game itself, I basically have two answers for you.

If you’re going on the game itself, then yes it’s easy. This is the PS4 version of PlayStation Home except for the fact that it takes place in a casino. The Four Kings Casino and Slots was released for the PS4 way back in 2015 as a free to play game. It’s still free to play, but it of course has micro-transactions like every free to play game. When you first install this game, if you’re doing so now, you’ll have a bunch of updates to install so get ready for a really long download time. When you finally get finished with that you’ll enter the game and create your own digital avatar. Make your avatar and dress him or her as you like, this is where some of the first microtransactions become available because there isn’t a huge selection of clothes. Want something special? You’ll have to pay real money for it. Moving on though, once you have your avatar created you can walk around the casino and start playing games. There are slot machines, black jack tables, roulette tables, war tables, poker tables, a bingo room, a bowling alley, and more. The catch is your money at first is limited so be careful on how you spend it. You’ll get free chips every so often, but other than that if you’re out of money, you’re out of money. This is where the other micro-transactions come in because you can get fake money with real money. Other than some bugs and glitches from time to time this game runs fine and it allows you to play casino games without actually losing thousands of your own hard earned money.

Warning! You cannot win real money by playing this game. I don’t know how many times in the little chat box I’ve seen people asking where they can turn in their chips for actual money. Don’t be one of these people. Especially if you give into the micro-transactions and pay real money for fake money in the game. You cannot get this back. Ever.

Now onto if the trophies for this game is easy, the answer to that question would be a firm no. A lot of these trophies are luck based and require you to do a specific task in order to get it. Not only are a lot of the trophies luck based, but they require a lot of grinding. If you’re going for the trophies on this game you’ll be spending most of your time playing this game and only this game since to reach VIP levels it takes a lot of winning. This sometimes doesn’t happen and sometimes you just don’t have the money for it. Not to mention the VIP status restarts at the beginning of every month. Don’t think about trying for VIP status in the middle of the month because it’s almost impossible to get. Not to mention new trophies are released with each new game added, so not only are the original trophies hard to get, but the added trophies are as well and take a lot of work.

The final answer to this question is both yes and no. Yes the game itself is an easy one to play and I can see the allure to it if you’re the gambling type or just one of the many people who miss PlayStation Home. The trophies on the other hand are not easy and if you’re thinking you’ll go in get a bunch of easy trophies and get out, then think again and look somewhere else for a game. In order to get all of the trophies, which is ultra-rare by the way, you’ll have to be super lucky in the money department for this game so that you aren’t actually spending real money with micro-transactions and you’ll have to spend 100’s of hours playing.

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