MegaCon 2018 – Autograph Session – Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus Autograph

This autograph session was three years in the making. Three years, so I was pretty excited and for once I can actually say my dad was excited because Norman is his favorite on The Walking Dead. Anyway, the first time we were supposed to meet him, there was such a huge line that they were handing out tickets and telling people to come back so we skipped it and watched from afar. The second time he cancelled which was pretty much a bummer, but the third time is a charm and we finally were able to meet him.

I have to say that in person Norman Reedus is one of the most down to earth people that I’ve met. He’s super nice, spends a lot of time with his fans and really interacts and listens to what they have to say. When you go up to his line, he has some heavy metal blasting and is first to offer to shake your hand and properly meet you. I let my dad take the glory here and talk to him the most, but I did briefly talk to him and we talked about my poster that was signed already. He said how he was getting better at spotting the other cast members autographs and I joked with him that I wanted him to be the first to sign, but Michael was out there first. He talked about catching the red eye to get to Orlando. After the session was over he shook our hands again and we were on our way.

I have to say that after waiting three years, it was definitely worth the wait. I had an awesome time meeting Norman and I was glad that my dad was finally able to meet him and interact with him. I will say though that Norman did cancel for Sunday and I totally missed the photo-op which did kind of suck because when I got notice to hurry and make the last photo-op of the day because Norman cancelled for Sunday I was already half way home. I do look forward to him being at another convention and finally getting a photo-op.


MegaCon 2018 – Autograph Session – Michael Cudlitz

Michael Cudlitz Autograph

After meeting Jeff Goldblum, which you can read about here, it was off to the next celebrity. I have to say that I give some major props to Michael Cudlitz because right at 9:30 when the doors open for VIP and premium ticket people, he was out there signing autographs and taking pictures. So since he was already out there for about an hour now, it was finally time to go meet the man that had become one of my favorite Walking Dead cast members.

When my dad and I went up to meet him he was already standing outside of his table and was genuinely happy to meet people. He shook our hands and talked with us about The Walking Dead before it was autograph time. Since I had a huge poster for him to sign in hopes of it getting signed by the whole cast, he even showed me a little trick on how to open the poster, but at the same time not open it fully. So kudos to Michael for my new trick with oversized posters!

Overall it was really great to meet Michael and after the autograph session we thanked him and he shook our hands again before we were on our way.

Michael Cudlitz Picture


Throwback Thursday Review – DLC Remix – The Walking Dead: Season 1 – 400 Days

This DLC for The Walking Dead: Season 1 was kind of an in between DLC. It came out long after the first season of The Walking Dead was already released and just a little bit before the second season was released. It was released on all 3 different PlayStation platforms and I had the chance to play on all 3. Keep reading to see what I thought of the overall DLC and which platform I preferred playing on.

Taking a break from the season ending episode of The Walking Dead, 400 days centers on the first 400 days of the zombie apocalypse and how it affected the lives of different people from different walks of lives. In this DLC, you’ll have the chance to play as 5 different characters. You’ll play as prisoner Vince on day 2 of the outbreak as he’s being moved on a prison bus. He’ll have some difficult choices to make in order to try and survive. Next up is Wyatt on day 41. He’s traveling with a friend and did something pretty horrible. Wyatt and his friend will run into some trouble as they try to escape not only the zombie apocalypse but also the person chasing them. Russel’s story takes place on day 184 as he’s trying to get to his grandmother’s house to see if she’s safe and sound. Russel will run into some trouble on the road and it’s a good lesson on why you shouldn’t hitchhike. On day 220 you’ll meet Bonnie. She’s a former drug addict who is currently traveling with a married couple. The addition of an attractive (?) woman, or any woman at this point, is going to cause trouble between the married couple and Bonnie is really no help in the entire matter. Last is Shel and her sister Becca on day 236 and day 259. Stuck in a group that’s turning on itself and accusing each member of stealing, Shel is going to have to figure out what’s best for herself and her sister.

I thought this was a brilliant addition to The Walking Dead: Season 1. It showed how the zombie outbreak was taking its toll on everyone as the days continued on and things continued to get worse. Was there hope? At the end, each of the survivors thought so and if you played their characters a certain way you might have gotten a glimpse or two of them in Season 2. You’ll even notice that Bonnie has a much bigger role in Season 2. If I didn’t like this DLC as much as I did then I wouldn’t have played it on three different occasions. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the 5 short stories that took a break from the season 1 ending episode and found it nice to see how people from different walks of lives were coping.

Depending on which system you choose to play on, the game will play differently. If you’re playing on the PS3, expect the same lag and overall other glitches that occurred while playing the first season of the game. On the PS Vita, expect a little bit of a better game that doesn’t lag all that much. Personally, I found the PS4 version to have no lag or usual glitches that Telltale games have had in the past. Other than that the gameplay is the same for all three versions with only the PS Vita adding the choice of using the touch screen to make your decisions.

The graphics for this game were the same style as the first season of The Walking Dead. It was that comic book / graphic novel type style that works really well for this game and enhances the overall game. I would say that while all three systems had the same graphics that of course it looked a little bit better on the PS4. That’s not to say though that it didn’t look good on the PS3 or the PS Vita, because it did.

There are of course trophies for this DLC. There are a total of 8 different trophies for this game. While 6 of them just require you to play the game like normal Telltale games do, there are two of them that require you to do a little more than just play the game. They’re both pretty easy to figure out and really shouldn’t give you any trouble.

No multiplayer for this DLC on any of the systems.

Overall I give this DLC a 5 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ You’ll get to play as 5 different characters who, depending on your decisions, may or may not reappear in season 2.
+ Each story, although different, all come together at the end to form a big ending moment.
+ A nice in between DLC that will bridge together the gap a little between the two seasons.

What’s Not So Great:
Depending on which system you play on there are some common Telltale problems.

Which Console was the Best to Play on? For me, it was the PS4. I really enjoyed that there were no lag or other glitches with this version and that everything ran smoothly. My second choice would have to be the PS Vita because I enjoyed being able to use the touch screen at times even though there was some lag and other glitches. If you only have a PS3, then I would say that it’s still worth it, but you’ll have to experience some of the lag and other glitches.

Overall I thought this was a really strong DLC and I kind of wish they would have done something like this as an in between for Season 2 and the upcoming Season 3. Something that didn’t focus on Clementine, but something that focused on other people that were still struggling and that would maybe make an appearance in the upcoming season. There’s really no reason not to get this DLC since if you get this game on disc it usually comes with it. If you’re like me and downloaded the original game, I would still suggest spending the extra money to get this DLC.

Now for next week. A game that I really didn’t enjoy all that much, but my special edition came with the DLC and there was no way that I wasn’t getting 100% of the trophies. Next week I’ll let you know what I thought of my first completed DLC for L.A. Noire – A Slip of the Tongue.


The Problem with Episode Based Games

As you probably already know, I love games like The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. The only problem I have with these types of games is that they’re initially released as episodes. While there’s nothing wrong with games that are episode based, these games allow you to play an interactive story in a short amount of time, the only problem I have is that there really isn’t any kind of consistency when it comes to the release dates.

The lack of consistency with the release dates is a pretty big problem with these types of games. The time it takes for each episode comes out only takes away from the game. The majority of gamers aren’t even going to remember what happened the last time that they played an episode of one of these games as they play other games and wait for these episodes to come out. Take Tales from the Borderlands for example. The first episode was released November 25th, but the second episode doesn’t even have a release date. It’s been over two months already and to be honest I really can’t even remember all that much about the first episode. The same goes for Game of Thrones. I know the new episode releases today, but I’m basically clueless when it comes to the story line of the game and what’s going on.

Another problem that goes along with the lack of consistency with the release date is that many people, myself included, have already paid for season passes. I’ve shelled out the $19.99 and the $24.99 for Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones only to have played 1 episode of each game without even knowing any kind of time frame for the other episodes. This makes me think that the games aren’t being held for suspense reasons or to give time between episodes, but because these episodes haven’t even been made. So now buying a season pass means that I’m paying for these games to be developed? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Companies develop games, getting the money however they get their money, and then I pay for the game giving companies their well earned money for a great game. Buying these season passes are making me feel like I’m supporting a Kickstarter operation that needs more funds to complete the game.

Kudos: A kudos has to be given for the Life is Strange team. The first episode came out this past Friday as well as a steady release date schedule. This is a major bonus and makes for a good argument to actually buy the season pass. Only time will tell if they actually stick to this schedule, but at least they’re giving something other then the standard “Coming Soon…”

Final Verdict? I’m kind of done with these season passes for episode based games, especially games from TellTale. Although I’m always eager to play these types of games and they turn out to be some of my favorites, I can’t see spending my hard earned money on just a piece of a game until the other pieces are released without even knowing some kind of release date. I’ll be fine getting the game once it comes out on disc and then playing when it’s convenient for me.


The Walking Dead Season 2 Review (PS4)

So this is the very last time I will be playing this game. Seriously. The last time. I have to admit though I really didn’t want to play this game again. I had a horrible time with the Vita version, you can see my review here, and I was just dreading playing it again. I was going to put it in the back of the pile and look at it when I was ready to, but decided that it was probably best to just get it over with. Here’s what I thought about the PS4 version.

For this season you’ll of course play as Clementine. On her own basically since Lee’s departure in the first game, you can’t really count on Christa and Omid to look after her at the beginning of the game. I mean, seriously, who lets a little girl go into a bathroom alone in the first place? Even without a zombie apocalypse, it’s just something that you don’t do. Anyway events that take place leave her even more alone and struggling to make it on her own. She’s really only a little girl, but because of this new world she’s not seen like that.

Throughout the course of the game you’ll be reunited with an old friend, make some new ones, and you’ll sure as hell make some enemies this time around. The characters are the shining stars of this season as each of them will have their own opinion about Clem depending on what she does or doesn’t do. Some will of course hate you at first and then change their minds while others will maybe hate you throughout the whole game. You’ll make some pretty hard choices and then make a few heart breaking choices in the end. How you finish Clementine’s story is completely up to you.

Even though this is the third time I played this game, a third time that I didn’t’ even want to do, I have to say I was pulled back into this Walking Dead universe that Telltale has created. I was bitter at first since I had such a bad experience with the Vita, but soon got over it and was hooked in the story once again. Everything from the course of what happens in these five episodes all the way up to the new characters were things that kept me coming back even though I of course knew how it was going to end. If there’s one thing that Telltale does right every time is they know how to keep it interesting. Unlike the first season there was no dragging episode. Each of them were as interesting as the previous one and had me hooked.

What an improvement with the playability. While the PS3 had its normal issues and the PS Vita was the absolute worst, the PS4 just shined. Everything from slow loading and freezing to slow trophy pops and just weird animations were fixed. I seen absolutely none of these in the PS4 version. I was completely and utterly shocked. I thought that if the PS Vita version felt rushed and just used as a money grab that this would be the same, but it was the complete opposite. This game was completely bug and glitch free which was just shocking and a nice little bonus.

The graphics are the same for this version as they were for the PS3 and PS Vita version. Like the PS4 version of Season 1, they seemed to be a little crisper and gone were the weird shadows from the Vita version along with the little pixels of light peaking in from the buildings. Everything about the graphics was just flawless.

After playing through 5 episodes you’ll get 40 new trophies. Don’t worry about how you play the game and just play because no matter what you’ll get these trophies. No platinum this time around, but I could care less. I didn’t play this game on different consoles and multiple times for a platinum, I played it because I genuinely enjoy this game and want to see how each version differs from each other.

No multiplayer to report on, and I seriously never get tired of writing that. Single player games for the win.

Overall I give this game a 5 out of 5

What’s Great
+ Same great story that made an unforgettable season.
+ New favorite characters and some old friends.
+ Glitch and bug free! No more loading, freezing, or trophy pop issues.
+ 5 Unique endings.

What’s Not So Great:
I really don’t have any complaints about the PS4 version of this game.

If you haven’t played this game yet, then why the hell not? Seriously, even if you aren’t a Walking Dead fan you should still pick up this game. Not only does it have amazing story telling, but you’ll become immersed in the world that Telltale created for this game. My only recommendation is to play it on the PS4. While the PS3 version was standard, the PS Vita version was awful. If you want the best experience then the PS4 is the place to get it.

SPOILERS! Below are all of the choices that I made throughout the game. I tried to mix things up as much as possible from my previous two playthroughs.

The Walking Dead Season 2
The Walking Dead Season 2
The Walking Dead Season 2
The Walking Dead Season 2
The Walking Dead Season 2


Throwback Thursday Review – The Walking Dead Season 1 (PS Vita)

So this was another Black Friday deal that I picked up last year. I had really enjoyed the first season on the PS3 and decided why the hell not get it for the PS Vita especially since it was on sale. When I first got it I wasn’t really sure what it was going to be like, but was excited to see the differences from the PS3 version. Here’s what I thought about Season 1 on the PS Vita.

Of course the main story of the game is the same. You’ll play as Lee who not only has to survive a zombie apocalypse, but who also has to look out for Clementine. Both of them are alone and as much as Clem depends on Lee to take care of her, Lee depends on Clem as well. Depending on the choices that you make along the way people you meet, even Clem, will react differently towards you. You’ll make friends and enemies along the way and make some pretty life altering decisions while playing.

No matter how many times I’ve played this game, I’ve always been totally immersed in it when I was playing. Each time after the first, I knew the story, knew the characters, and knew how it would end but it didn’t matter. This is one of those games that has a very well told story no matter the decisions that you make along with an amazing cast of characters that you’ll either love or hate. I actually liked playing this game again because it made me see characters differently the second time around. I didn’t think of Lilly as just a bitch, but someone who was scared on the inside and just like everyone else was trying to survive. One of the good things about waiting for the disc version of this game was that I didn’t have to wait until each episode came out. If I felt like playing another episode it was right there for me to play.

While the PS3 version of this game had glitchy controls, I found the PS Vita version much easier to play. The shooting scenes became easier when all I had to do was tap the zombies or whoever on the head with the Vita’s touch screen. I really enjoyed the use of the touch screen and was able to enjoy the game a little bit more on the Vita because the playability was just flawless. I recommend using the controls to walk and then the touch screen for everything else. Of course there was the usual lag when loading and unlocking the trophies that occurred in the PS3 version.

The graphics on the game were the same as the PS3 version just smaller to fit the PS Vita screen. Even on a smaller screen the comic book style of graphics really works for this game. Sometimes scaled down to that size makes a lot of graphics just absolute crap, but that doesn’t happen with this game making the graphics enjoyable not only on a big screen but on a small one as well.

There are a total of 49 trophies for this game including the 8 trophies you’ll get from the DLC. If you waited for the disc version you’ll get the DLC included with your purchase which is a nice little bonus. All of the trophies are easy. Play the game and you’ll get a new platinum by the time the last trophy pops. There are only two missable DLC trophies but you can always replay those scenes with ease to go back and get them. I like that you don’t have to do specific things to get the trophies for this game. If you had to make certain decisions for certain trophies to pop it would really ruin the story that Telltale is trying to tell with this game.

Bonus points for no multiplayer. I have to say that I’m always glad when Vita games do not have multiplayer attached with them. For some reason I always have the most difficult time with any game on the Vita that requires multiplayer.

Overall I give this game a 5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Telltale really knows how to tell a story in their games and this is one of the best.
+ Interesting main and supporting characters that are memorable.
+ Nice use of the Vita controls
+ Cool comic book style graphics that are fitting for the game.

What’s Not So Great:
The usual lag with loading and trophy pops.

While I enjoyed this version and really had no problem other then the usual lag when loading and trophies, I still recommend the PS4 version with the Vita version coming in at a really close second. I had a lot of fun playing this game the three times that I did and I can’t wait to see what’s to come with this series.

Join me next week when I review my first Lego game ever. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. At first I have to say that I scoffed at all Lego games. I thought they were child games that should be played by children not adults. I couldn’t believe so many adults on my friends list were actually playing these games so I just had to see what all the fuss was about.


The Walking Dead Season 1 Review (PS4)

This is most likely the last time that I’m going to be playing this game. Having already played it on the PS3 and PS Vita, I was more then eager to see how The Walking Dead Season 1 played out on the PS4. Here’s what I thought about my final playthrough.

As with the PS3 and PS Vita versions, Season 1 revolves around Lee and Clementine as they try to survive the zombie apocalypse. You’ll play as Lee, who either has the best luck in the world or the worst. I mean come on the guy is being hauled off to jail and then boom zombie apocalypse and no more jail, but there are zombies. I guess you really can’t have it all, but you’ll now be in charge of Clementine. You’ll meet her in the first few minutes of the game and for the rest of the game it’ll be up to you to take care of her and make decisions that you think are best for her.

Throughout the game you’ll also be introduced to a variety of other characters. Some of them you’ll form friendships with and some you won’t. Some people will downright hate you and you’ll probably hate them to, but you’ll have to work together in order to survive. Will you try hard to keep your group together or will you let them crumble from the inside and eventually turn against each other? The choice is up to you on how you play it.

It’s been just about a year since I’ve played this game on the PS Vita, so while it was still familiar it was also sort of new. I was still really into this game as I played even though I knew what was going to happen. I was even able to catch a few things that I didn’t in my previous two playthroughs. Playing through this game again also made me see just how much I truly enjoy this game series. Not only is it engaging, but it also pulls at your emotions. You don’t get the happy ending your expecting, you get pure heart break, but it’s what you can expect when the world turns to crap and the dead are up and walking.

I was pleasantly surprised at the playability of this game. There were a bunch of improvements from the PS3 version of this game. Gone were the slow loading times and glitchy movements. The game no longer stalled when trophies popped and I was truly impressed at the improvements with this game. The only thing that disappointed me a little was that the touch pad on the PS4 controller wasn’t used. I at least expected it to be used during the quick time cinematics where you have to move left, right, up, or down. This isn’t a big deal though and doesn’t make this game lose any points for me.

While the graphics were the same as the PS3 and PS Vita version, I found the graphics to be a little more crisp on the PS4. This is one of the games that Telltale excel’s at because of the comic style graphics. This game is based on the comic book version of The Walking Dead and the graphics show that. This doesn’t mean that every game has to have these types of graphics just because it works for this game.

There are a total of 49 trophies for this game. 41 from the actual game and then another 8 for the 400 days DLC. Each of the trophies, with the exception of some DLC trophies, are gained just by playing the game. Play through all 5 episodes and you’ll have a new platinum trophy for your hard work. If you bought the retail version of this game then you’re in luck because the 400 Days DLC is included. Play through the DLC and you’ll also have those trophies so you can have a 100% completion on the whole game. Only 2 trophies in the DLC will require you to do something besides playing the story but they aren’t hard to get. If you mess up you can always go back and replay those stories again.

Kudos for no multiplayer!

Overall I give this game a 5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Captivating story that will make you keep playing.
+ Interesting characters that only enhance game play.
+ Gone were the lag times, slow loading times, and glitchy gameplay.

What’s Not So Great:
I really can’t think of anything that I didn’t like or would want changed.

If you haven’t played this game yet and you’re wondering what console you should buy it on, you should definitely play it on the PS4. This version is more enhanced and a lot of the problems that plagued the PS3 version are gone. If you’ve already played this game, I would even suggest picking it up and playing it again on the PS4. Not for the trophies, but for the actual game itself. This is one of those games that shouldn’t be passed up and is very much worth it to play again.

SPOILERS! Below are all of the choices that I made throughout the game. I tried to mix things up as much as possible from my previous two playthroughs.

The Walking Dead Season 1The Walking Dead Season 1The Walking Dead Season 1The Walking Dead Season 1The Walking Dead Season 1The Walking Dead Season 1The Walking Dead Season 1The Walking Dead Season 1The Walking Dead Season 1The Walking Dead Season 1


The Walking Dead Season 2 Review (PS Vita)

I like to count The Walking Dead among one of my favorite video game series of all time. This is why I play it on just about every single platform that it’s available for. Already having played Season 2 on the PS3, my next step was to play it on the PS Vita. Here’s what I thought about it.

Just like with the PS3 version, this season revolves around Clementine and her journey through the zombie apocalypse. Lee is dead and after some intense events within the first opening minutes of the game, poor Clem is all by herself. She’s just a little girl, but in this new world she has to be strong and she had to endure. This season she’ll have to meet new people and figure out who she can and can’t trust. As always there were hard heart breaking decisions that change the course of not only the game, but how the people of your new group see you. Not everyone is going to like you and you certainly won’t like some of the people that you’re traveling with. The point is to survive and make the hard decision of how Clem is going to end up.

Just like the first time I played, I was totally into this game. Even though I knew the story, knew what was going to happen, it didn’t matter. The only difference is that I didn’t have to wait this time around for the episodes to be released which was nice. While I played Clementine a little more hardened the first time around, I played her a little bit differently this time. Of course there were some decisions that remained the same but I tried as much as possible to switch things up in order to see how differently the game played out. I really didn’t see much of a difference between my two playthroughs to be honest though. Except for the major decisions that I changed up everything else basically stayed the same.

The playability was a major issue with this game and one of the reasons why I didn’t fully enjoy this game. My first issue occurred right at the very beginning of the game. Season 2 would not import my Season 1 data because I didn’t have the Season 1 game installed on my system. Even though I saved the data using PS+, it wouldn’t take it so my playthrough from Season 1 was just as good as lost since I didn’t have the Season 1 disc. I was given a set of random decisions that aren’t even detailed out for you. This pretty much sucked as I walked into Season 2 blindly. Trying to overlook this, it was even harder to enjoy the game when the options on how to play kept changing back and forth between the controls and the touch screen, not to mention half the time when it changed to the touch screen they didn’t work at all making me have to restart at certain points just to be able to make my decisions. I can assure you 100% that these problems were in the game and not in my Vita which I made sure of. This made playing the game at times feel like a chore. Then there were the constant lag and pausing problems. A lot of the times I would hear what was coming next but the picture on the screen remained frozen and then had to play catch up until the next loading point. Just as with the PS3, the game lagged almost constantly with each loading screen and felt like it was going to freeze each time. I even had this problem right at the beginning of the game each time when pressing the start button. All of these things are seriously not acceptable and made the PS Vita version feel half-assed.

The graphics in this game were the same the first Season as well as the same graphics on the PS3. This was fine, I enjoy the type of graphics for this game and didn’t expect it to change. I did have a couple of issues with the graphics though. First was the placement of shadows. In certain parts of the games people’s faces would develop these weird shadows that made absolutely no sense at all. While it was absent in episode 1-2, episode 3-5 had them like crazy. It was weird and drew away from the actual game. The other thing I had a problem with was the pixels of light that would break through every once in while. This happened when you were inside a building and you would look up at where the ceiling touched the wall. In that seam there would be pixels of light coming through that made the game just seem sloppy and rushed.

The trophies for this game are the standard TellTale trophy set. Play the game and you’ll get the 40 trophies that come with the game. This is one of the games that I really don’t care about the trophies even as a trophy hunter. It’s nice to have them, but even if the game didn’t have them I would play anyway.

As always, no multiplayer for the entire game.

Overall I give this game a 2.5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Interesting and intense season that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

What’s Not So Great:
If you don’t have Season 1 installed on your Vita, then you can’t use your saved data.
Glitchy controls that don’t even work half of the time.
Lag and pausing problems throughout the whole game.
Sloppy graphics and animation.

It was really sad for a game series that I love as much as this one to be as bad as it was on the Vita. While I had none of these problems with Season 1 on the Vita, this one just felt like a sloppy and rushed game that was put out on the Vita because people wanted it and because it was a way to make more money. I have to say that I’m just really disappointed in this game and expected more.

SPOILERS! These are the choices that I made throughout the game my second time around.

Episode 1
• Tried to save Christa
• Killed the dog
• Didn’t accept Nick’s apology
• Gave water to the dying man
• Saved Pete

Episode 2
• Took the blame for Sarah’s photo
• Sat with Kenny at dinner.
• Told Walter the truth about Matthew
• Let Walter make up his mind about Nick

Episode 3
• Helped Sarah with her chores
• Hid Luke from Bonnie
• Tried to admit to stealing the Walkie-Talkie
• Killed the zombie that bit Sarita

Episode 4
• Saved Sarah at the trailer park
• Refused to rob Arvo
• Crawled through the ticket booth
• Did not shoot Rebecca

Episode 5
• Protected the baby
• Tried to help Luke
• Didn’t ask to leave with Mike
• Didn’t shoot Kenny
• Stayed with Kenny


Throwback Thursday Review – The Walking Dead Season 1 PS3

If I’m being completely honest, then I have to say that at first I had absolutely no interest to play this game. At the time I wasn’t a fan of The Walking Dead and I had no interest in playing a game about it or yet another zombie game. Thanks to my PS+ subscription I was given the first two episodes for free, and figured what the hell, I might as well try this out. Here’s what I thought about the game.

Story is a big part of any game. It’s the thing that keeps you interested and invested so that you continue to play. I’ve played a lot of games that had great stories, but this game has one of the best stories told in video games.

You play as Lee, a guy getting hauled off to jail when all of a sudden the zombie apocalypse hits. After a few minutes of wandering around alone and trying to figure out what the hell to do, you’ll meet Clementine. Clem is a scared little girl who is alone in her tree house. From then on it’s Lee and Clem basically against the world as they form this tight bond in such a short period of time, and Lee essentially becomes Clem’s primary caregiver. You’ll meet and interact with a bunch of different people, some will like you and some won’t, as you try to accomplish the one goal of surviving in this new world.

This is one of those games that you can truly get immersed in and forget about just about everything else as you go on this adventure with Lee and Clem. All of the surrounding characters are fully developed and have a story of their own to tell. Some of them will survive and some won’t, but they all play a pretty important part in the game as a whole. Not to mention that Lee is not only highly likable but also highly relatable as a character. He’s flawed and has done some pretty horrible stuff, but is now trying to redeem himself in a way by doing what’s right for Clem.

One of the biggest parts of this game, and what keeps it truly interesting, is all of the moral choices that you have to make as Lee. Each and every choice you make is relevant to the game as a whole and your choices truly do matter. The surrounding characters will remember what you say and do and then form their opinions about you. This causes them to change how they view you and could possibly cause them to turn against you. Right or wrong, your choices aren’t clearly laid out in a good or bad structure type so it’s up to you how you play Lee.

The playability of this game isn’t the greatest. In fact, it’s pretty damn bad. Movements are clunky and awkward, they also feel stiff and unnatural. The game lags during loading screens and trophy pops. During this time, the game comes to an almost standstill making you think the game froze. On top of that there are various different bugs and glitches. All of this really takes away from the game which truly sucks because the game is pretty damn awesome.

The graphics on this game are pretty cool. It felt like playing a live action comic book. I really liked the style that was used as well as how much detail was put into the graphics. When I first started playing this I thought the graphics were going to be complete crap, but was pleasantly surprised.

There are a total of 49 trophies for this game including the DLC trophies as well as a platinum trophy. The trophies for the main game are super simple to get. All you have to do is play the game. Play through all 5 episodes and you’ll add a nice platinum trophy to your collection. If you’re going for the 100%, then the DLC requires you to do a few specific tasks but nothing too hard that will keep you from getting your trophies.

Overall I give this game a 5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Amazing story.
+ Likable and relatable characters.
+ Cool graphics
+ Not your typical zombie game.

What’s Not So Great:
Playability is not so great.
Laggy and glitchy play

Do not pass up the chance to play this game or the DLC that is offered for this game. If you don’t play this game you’ll seriously regret it. I definitely count this game as one of the best games that I ever played.

Join me next week when I review my fifth platinum Dragon Age II. I’m going to say right now that I’m a little biased when it comes to Dragon Age since I’ve played it well over 10+ times and loved every single minute of it.


Did They Have To Die?

WARNING – If you have not played Mass Effect 3 or The Walking Dead: Season 2 then please do not continue to read on. There will be some pretty major spoilers. Consider yourself warned.

While playing The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 5 a couple of weeks ago, I had a really tough and just about heart breaking decision to make. That decision was whether or not to kill Kenny. In the end I did, and I’ll get to why I did it later, but it made me wonder, when given the choice should some video game characters die?

The first instance of this occurred to me while playing Mass Effect 3. As Commander Shepard you have to make some pretty tough choices, but none were as tough as deciding the fate of one of my all time favorite characters Mordin. You meet Mordin in Mass Effect 2 and learn that he is one of the scientists that created the genophage. He did something pretty horrible, creating this disease that is causing the Krogan to not reproduce properly making their numbers go down. He did what he thought was right at the time, but as Shepard you can bring out a human side of Mordin. Help him work through his flaws and even show him what he did was wrong. Out of all the characters in the Mass Effect Universe, Mordin is the one who grows the most. The one who learns and the one who wants to redeem himself.

In Mass Effect 3 when you get the chance to actually cure the genophage I was all for it. I wanted to right this wrong and restore life to the Korgan. Everything was going well too, until it came down to the fact that if the genophage was cured it would mean that Mordin had to die. I struggled with this decision. I had no idea what to do. On one hand I wanted to cure the genophage, but on the other I didn’t want Mordin to die.

In the end, I let Mordin go up the tower and cure the genophage. Mordin died doing this, but it was the right choice. It was also the perfect ending for his character. He created the genophage and then he died curing it. I could have kept him alive and not cure the genophage, or I could have even shot him myself, but none of them felt right. Mordin going out the hero was the right thing to do. He had to die in order for his character to come full circle. It was one of the toughest decisions I ever had to make in a video game and when Mordin died, I cried. I cried for the character that I lost and I cried because it was the perfect ending for him and he came out the hero.

"R.I.P Mordin" Mass Effect 2 - Mass Effect 3

“R.I.P Mordin”
Mass Effect 2 – Mass Effect 3

The most recent example of this was while playing the final episode of The Walking Dead Season 2. I once again had to make the decision of whether or not a character had to die. Playing as Clem I had the heart breaking decision to make. Should I shoot and kill Kenny or should I look away and let him kill Jane? Kenny and Clem had been through so much and I was so excited when I seen Kenny make a reappearance in season 2 after thinking that he had died in season 1.

The first thing I did when I seen Kenny was hug him and then that night I sat with him at dinner. I defended his actions to just about everyone, but when it came down to it at the end I shot him. It took me a while to come to this decision. I even paused the game and actually thought about what I was doing. I realized that this wasn’t the same Kenny that I had once known. This was a broken man who had everything taken away from him. Everything. Unlike Clem, his losses didn’t make him stronger. Each death was a reminder of what he didn’t do right and how he couldn’t protect the people that he loved.

Yes, it was extremely shitty what Jane did, but it proved a point. Kenny was no longer the strong leader that he once was. He was unstable, a ticking time bomb. Shooting him was the right thing to do. It was an extremely sad thing to do, but seeing the road he was going down and seeing what his character was becoming was even sadder. I want to make it clear though that I didn’t shoot him because he was sad and broken. This wasn’t Kenny and I wanted him to die with whatever dignity that he had left. This decision hurt and after pressing the square button, I cried. I absolutely hated doing this, but it was the right choice.

"R.I.P Kenny" The Walking Dead Season 1 - Season 2

“R.I.P Kenny”
The Walking Dead Season 1 – Season 2

Final verdict? When given the choice, should video game characters die? Yes, if it makes sense for the story and if it’s the right thing to do for the character. These two character deaths weren’t taken lightly and I didn’t kill them for the hell of it. The deaths of these two characters happened at the right time and were the proper way to end their stories. Not all characters are meant to survive and not all endings can be happy ones.