The Wolf Among Us Review (PS4)

The Wolf Among Us

This is probably one of my favorite Telltale games. I’ve played it on the PS3 and the PS Vita, so when I had a chance to pick it up again for the PS4 I decided what the hell and that I wouldn’t mind playing this game again since I enjoyed it so many times. Keep reading to see if the third time was worth playing or maybe three times was too much.

The Wolf Among Us puts you in the role of Bigby Wolf. Formly known as the Big Bad Wolf, he’s the sheriff of Fabletown. Fabletown is the place that the Fable’s have migrated to after leaving their home world. What’s really interesting about this game is that it takes place in the 1980’s in New York. The time and setting really enhance the overall game play and makes it a little grittier. Unfortunately for Bigby everyone still remembers him as the Big Bad Wolf and the crimes that he’s committed in the home world. As the sheriff of Fabletown it’s up to Bigby to find out who has been killing fables in a story that has plenty of twists and turns and ways to lead you in the wrong direction only to be surprised at the end.

The first two times I played this game I loved it. It was such a different and interesting story and I think the reason why I liked it so much was because it’s like Once Upon a Time but a lot more grittier and everyone isn’t so innocent since moving to Fabletown. The third time around though was actually a little exhausting to play. I knew the story too well from my previous two playthroughs and it just didn’t give off the same feeling of awe and amazement as the story progressed. I think if I would have stuck to the two playthroughs only, then I would have been better off.

While I really enjoyed playing The Walking Dead Season 1 and 2 again on the PS4, because I found there to be no bugs or glitches that plagued the PS3 and PS Vita versions, this was the completely opposite. The same bugs and glitches that plagued the PS3 version were present in this version as well leading to really slow loading times and some unfortunate lag. This all put a damper on the overall experience and at this point made the game play like a chore. This was not good and I would have thought that these problems would have been solved, but it felt like Telltale just had to get this game out for the PS4 since it did it with The Walking Dead so they just threw it together and released it.

The graphics, while the same as the PS3 version did have some problems of their own. While the graphics match the whole graphic novel type of story, which is great for this game because it’s based off a comic book, there were plenty of problems that were present. Throughout my playthrough of the five episodes I noticed a hell of a lot of pixilation in the graphics where certain objects would get blocky and be surround with, well big black pixels. This was really annoying and just something else that made this game less enjoyable to play.

There are a total of 36 trophies for this game and you can get most of them by just playing the game how you normally would. There is one missable trophy in each episode though and it is based on your decisions throughout the game, but it’s easy to go back on a different save and replay the chapter that you’re missing what’s required for the trophy. While this does take up a little more time, if you want the platinum you’ll go back and do it.

There’s absolutely no multiplayer for this game and it’s a single person experience.

Overall I give this game a 3 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ A really cool story and really it’s one of Telltale’s best. (I WOULD REALLY LIKE A SEASON 2!)
+ It tells the dark side of some pretty famous Fables who really haven’t migrated from the home world to Fabletown all that well.
+ A nice murder mystery story that will have you guessing until the end.

What’s Not So Great:
Common Telltale problems that made their way from the PS3 to the PS Vita and now onto the PS4.
Graphic problems like pixilation and pixels just breaking up into black pixels all over the play making for a sloppy mess at times.

Unfortunately the third time was not a charm when it came to this game and I’m in the middle of game regret. I really loved my playing experience on the PS3 and the PS Vita because this is seriously one of my favorite Telltale series, but I found the PS4 version to be a sloppy mess of the game that was just thrown onto the PS4 in order to make money. Even though the company has made improvements since this release, it does make me doubt Telltale just a little. I would say that if you haven’t played this game yet, or if you’re not sure what system to get it on, I would say that either the PS3 or the PS Vita is the way to go. I didn’t like this port over to the PS4 and found it to ruin the overall experience of the whole game.

SPOILERS! Here are all the decisions that I made for the PS4 version of this game. I tried to make different decisions, but it’s been a while since I played the game so I’m sure some of the decisions I made were the same as previous ones.

The Wolf Among Us Choices The Wolf Among Us ChoicesThe Wolf Among Us Choices The Wolf Among Us ChoicesThe Wolf Among Us Choices The Wolf Among Us ChoicesThe Wolf Among Us Choices The Wolf Among Us ChoicesThe Wolf Among Us Choices The Wolf Among Us ChoicesThe Wolf Among Us Choices The Wolf Among Us Choices The Wolf Among Us Choices The Wolf Among Us ChoicesThe Wolf Among Us Choices The Wolf Among Us ChoicesThe Wolf Among Us Choices The Wolf Among Us ChoicesThe Wolf Among Us Choices The Wolf Among Us Choices


This Week in Trophies 12-04-2016 – 12-10-2016

Looking back, I’m really not sure what to think of this week. It was a pretty good gaming week I guess even though I don’t feel like I got a lot accomplished. I did get a platinum trophy and go back to a game that has been sitting on my system for a while. I’m kind of in this mood where I want to clean up a lot of games on my PS4 and not just delete them so I went back and forth between some games this week. Enough about that, take a look at all of the trophies I was able to get this week.

The Wolf Among Us – 100%

I finished this game early this week and like always I’m not spilling any details on what I thought of the game as a whole here. You’ll have to wait until my full review of the game which will be up in a few weeks.

The Wolf Among Us The Wolf Among UsThe Wolf Among Us The Wolf Among UsThe Wolf Among Us The Wolf Among UsThe Wolf Among Us The Wolf Among UsThe Wolf Among Us The Wolf Among UsThe Wolf Among Us The Wolf Among UsThe Wolf Among Us The Wolf Among UsThe Wolf Among Us

The Four Kings Casino and Slots – 55%

Remember how I said I wanted to clean up a bunch of games on my PS4 that were just taking up space? This was one of them, but the trophies are an absolute pain in the ass and to tell you the truth I’m not much of a gambler and I really don’t like interacting with the other people playing all that much. Yes I know, it makes me a horrible person but the people who play this game are just weird. I guess this game is like the PS4 version of PlayStation Home that I never got into on the PS3. Needless to say the sooner I get this done and off my system, the happier I’ll be.

Four Kings Casino and Slots Four Kings Casino and SlotsFour Kings Casino and Slots Four Kings Casino and Slots

LEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens – 50%

When talking to a friend, he said that this game basically plays out like the movie did, which I never watched, so it would make sense that while I play I’m kinda lost because I have no idea what the movie is about since I’m not a Star Wars person. I finished up the main chapters this week as well as the side chapters. I also cleared up a few of the random trophies and am now currently working on getting all of the collectibles and everything else.

LEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens LEGO STAR WARS: The Force AwakensLEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens LEGO STAR WARS: The Force AwakensLEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens LEGO STAR WARS: The Force AwakensLEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens LEGO STAR WARS: The Force AwakensLEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens LEGO STAR WARS: The Force AwakensLEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens LEGO STAR WARS: The Force AwakensLEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens LEGO STAR WARS: The Force AwakensLEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens LEGO STAR WARS: The Force AwakensLEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens

That was it for this week as these were basically the three main games that I concentrated on. I usually take some time and play Gems of War via PS4 remote play on my PS Vita, but was having some issues with the connection this week making it next to impossible to play. Now for the upcoming week, it’s the holiday time so the amount of time that I get to play goes down and down each week until I’m able to start gaming again. I’m going to try and finish up LEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens, continue to try and finish The Four Kings Casino and Slots, try really hard to get back into Skyrim which I wasn’t able to do this week, and maybe, just maybe, start a new game. I’ll let you know how everything went next week.


This Week in Trophies 11-27-2016 – 12-03-2016

This week was a pretty interesting one as I felt like I was super busy, but I also had a lot of time for gaming. I finished one game, started two new games, continued with a few other games. It was a pretty active gaming week, as I got a couple of new games in from all of those sales that have been going on. If I was completely honest though, I would have to say that the holiday sales on games this year was just completely lacking. Am I right? I feel like I got a hell of a lot more games last year then I did this year, but that’s another story so on with the trophies for this week.

Skyrim – 57%

I played Skyrim a couple of days this week and I’m at the point where everything is starting to slow down a bit. I feel like each mission is becoming more and more of the same and I’m doing the same thing over and over again making it very tedious and not all that enjoyable to actually play. I really want to finish the game this time around, but I also want to be able to enjoy it. I think I just have to find some kind of balance to do so.

Skyrim Skyrim

Letter Quest Remastered – 100%

I finally finished this game this week and I was pretty proud of myself for doing so. I’ll have my full review of the game up within the next couple of weeks and I’ll let you know what I thought about it.

LEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens – 18%

So here’s the thing, I don’t know a damn thing about Star Wars, but I do love those LEGO games so I figured I would give it a shot. Even though it’s a good game I think my lack of Star Wars knowledge is making the game a little less enjoyable for me. I started this game this week and only have a few more chapters to go before I finish the game and then go back for all the collectibles and all that other good stuff.

LEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens LEGO STAR WARS: The Force AwakensLEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens LEGO STAR WARS: The Force AwakensLEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens LEGO STAR WARS: The Force AwakensLEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens LEGO STAR WARS: The Force AwakensLEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens LEGO STAR WARS: The Force AwakensLEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens LEGO STAR WARS: The Force AwakensLEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens LEGO STAR WARS: The Force AwakensLEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens LEGO STAR WARS: The Force AwakensLEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens

The Wolf Among Us (PS4) – 60%

I’ve been wanting to play this game since Telltale released this and a bunch of other PS3 games for the PS4 and this week I finally got my chance as I picked this up on a pretty good sale where I got a bunch of used games at a discounted price. Since it’s been so long since I last played this game, it kind of feels like it’s new even though it isn’t but at the same time it feels like maybe three times playing this game was a little too much even though I really enjoy it.

The Wolf Among Us The Wolf Among UsThe Wolf Among Us The Wolf Among UsThe Wolf Among Us The Wolf Among UsThe Wolf Among Us The Wolf Among UsThe Wolf Among Us The Wolf Among UsThe Wolf Among Us The Wolf Among UsThe Wolf Among Us The Wolf Among UsThe Wolf Among Us The Wolf Among UsThe Wolf Among Us The Wolf Among UsThe Wolf Among Us The Wolf Among UsThe Wolf Among Us

That was it for this week. Not a bad week with a total of 43 new trophies. I’m pretty happy with my progress and the games I’m playing so I can’t complain. Now for next week I plan on finishing up The Wolf Among Us, continuing with LEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens, trying to get back into Skyrim, and probably starting a new game that I picked up. The thing is, I’m just not sure which game to actually play. I’ll let you know what my new game is and all the other trophies that I got next week.


Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – What are the controls like in The Wolf Among Us for the PS Vita?

Submitted by AnonymousWhat are the controls like in The Wolf Among Us for the PS Vita?

Another good question. I’ve played enough Telltale games on the PS Vita to know that sometimes the controls can be just annoying and while some work flawlessly others are filled with little annoyances that can ruin a gaming experience. This is not the case with The Wolf Among Us. You can either use the touch screen which is responsive or the actual PS Vita controls. The choice is basically up to you with this game. For myself personally, I usually prefer to use the PS Vita controls when walking around and choosing dialog options, but when it comes to the action scenes I find it a little easier to use the touch screen. This allows me to switch between using both controls and it makes the game a little easier to play since the playing the action scenes with the PS Vita controls can be a little tricky at times. What’s most important though is that you play how you feel most comfortable and this game allows you to do that.

Have a video game question that you want answered? Go ahead and leave your question in the comment section below and I’ll make sure to add your name into the blog that features your question. If you prefer to be anonymous, then go ahead and type your question into the search box. I’ll be able to see it and maybe one day you’ll be able to see it on this blog.


The Problem with Episode Based Games

As you probably already know, I love games like The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. The only problem I have with these types of games is that they’re initially released as episodes. While there’s nothing wrong with games that are episode based, these games allow you to play an interactive story in a short amount of time, the only problem I have is that there really isn’t any kind of consistency when it comes to the release dates.

The lack of consistency with the release dates is a pretty big problem with these types of games. The time it takes for each episode comes out only takes away from the game. The majority of gamers aren’t even going to remember what happened the last time that they played an episode of one of these games as they play other games and wait for these episodes to come out. Take Tales from the Borderlands for example. The first episode was released November 25th, but the second episode doesn’t even have a release date. It’s been over two months already and to be honest I really can’t even remember all that much about the first episode. The same goes for Game of Thrones. I know the new episode releases today, but I’m basically clueless when it comes to the story line of the game and what’s going on.

Another problem that goes along with the lack of consistency with the release date is that many people, myself included, have already paid for season passes. I’ve shelled out the $19.99 and the $24.99 for Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones only to have played 1 episode of each game without even knowing any kind of time frame for the other episodes. This makes me think that the games aren’t being held for suspense reasons or to give time between episodes, but because these episodes haven’t even been made. So now buying a season pass means that I’m paying for these games to be developed? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Companies develop games, getting the money however they get their money, and then I pay for the game giving companies their well earned money for a great game. Buying these season passes are making me feel like I’m supporting a Kickstarter operation that needs more funds to complete the game.

Kudos: A kudos has to be given for the Life is Strange team. The first episode came out this past Friday as well as a steady release date schedule. This is a major bonus and makes for a good argument to actually buy the season pass. Only time will tell if they actually stick to this schedule, but at least they’re giving something other then the standard “Coming Soon…”

Final Verdict? I’m kind of done with these season passes for episode based games, especially games from TellTale. Although I’m always eager to play these types of games and they turn out to be some of my favorites, I can’t see spending my hard earned money on just a piece of a game until the other pieces are released without even knowing some kind of release date. I’ll be fine getting the game once it comes out on disc and then playing when it’s convenient for me.


The Wolf Among Us Review (PS Vita)

I played this game once already this year on my PS3 and thought it was pretty bad ass so when I noticed it was on sale for Black Friday, I decided to pick it up and give it a try for the Vita. I think one of the reasons why I enjoy this game so much is because it’s like Once Upon a Time but just grittier. Anyway, here’s what I thought about the Vita version.

Just like the PS3 version, this game revolves around Bigby Wolf. Yes, he’s the Big Bad Wolf but in Fabletown he’s the sheriff. You’ll play as Bigby as he tries to uncover the mysterious and gruesome murders of two prostitutes Faith and Lilly. Following this case and trying to find the murderer will only lead Bigby down an even more complicated path filled with twists and turns eventually uncovering a lot more then just who committed these murders. Throughout the game you’ll have interactions with different fable’s, some who you might know and some who you might not. Each of them have their own stories to tell and haven’t exactly been on easy street while making the transition from fable to normal person. In the end, what you do and say will make your fellow fables decide how they feel about you. Will they still see you as the Big Bad Wolf or will they just see you as the new sheriff? The choice is yours in this interactive story from Telltale.

As much as I couldn’t get enough of the game on the PS3, it was the same with the Vita version. I remembered the story well enough but it still felt new and just as interesting as the first time I played it. It was enjoyable to revisit Fabletown and change around my decisions to see how the other fables would now react to Bigby. I did see a difference in the way that Bigby was treated, but ultimately things seemed to be pretty much the same as they were the first time I played.

I felt a little trepidation going into this game after the experience that I had with The Walking Dead Season 2 on the vita. I hated thinking that this game would probably be the same since they were released around the same time meaning they were probably in production around the same time. What I found was that some things changed but some things stayed the same. The controls didn’t switch back and forth on me from touch screen to controls and I was able to just use the controls the whole time and not the touch screen. Even though that wasn’t a problem, the lag time and glitchy loading times were a major problem with this game. Sometimes it took anywhere from 2-3 minutes for the game to load the next scene. During some of this time I would hear what was going on but the game would be stuck on loading and then would have to spend the next few minutes playing catch up. This was annoying and made those parts in the game annoying. Action scenes were laggy and slow making me miss some of the action buttons and ultimately caused me to not have the scene play out the way I wanted it to.

Boo! As much as I love Telltale games, it’s becoming a little tiring the way that they perform. If the game isn’t up to standards and isn’t performing well then it shouldn’t be released on that platform plain and simple. Get your games to work as flawlessly as possible before releasing them. People will wait for a Vita version!

The graphics were the exact same as on the PS3 which is fine because I didn’t expect it to change. I liked the graphics on the PS3 and I liked them on the Vita. The only graphical problem I had was with that damn border around the screen. I have no idea why the hell Telltale thinks adding this to the Vita version is a good thing. The screen is small enough that I don’t need the border acting as a distraction during the game.

There are a total of 36 trophies for this game and they’re an exact copy from the PS3 version. If you already played this on the PS3 then you know how to unlock all of the Librarian trophies which are the only ones that are missable throughout the whole game. If not, you can take a look at each of my reviews for the PS3 and see how to get those trophies:

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5

After completing all of these trophies you’ll walk away with a brand new platinum trophy to add to your list.

No multiplayer for this game as always.

Overall I give this game a 4 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Interesting story that will keep you playing.
+ An interesting take on characters that you may already know from other fairytales.

What’s Not So Great:
Glitchy and laggy gameplay that plagues just about every Telltale game.
That damn border around certain scenes. It isn’t even consistent!

If you’re going to play this game I would suggest picking it up on the PS3 instead of on the Vita. This is truly a pretty awesome game and if it’s your first time playing it you deserve to play a better version of it. I do have to say though that they way it ended I’m expecting a Season 2 which hopefully happens soon.

SPOILERS! Below are the choices that I made throughout the game.

Episode 1
• Gave Faith money
• Stayed out of Beauty and Beast’s problems
• Decided to help Prince Lawrence first
• Prevented Prince Lawrence’s death
• Pointed the finger at Faith’s pimp for murder
• Arrested Tweedle Dee

Episode 2
• Sympathized with Crane
• Persuaded Tweedle Dee to talk
• Let Snow decide to come to the Trip Trap
• Didn’t hit Georgie
• Never had Beast at my mercy

Episode 3
• Didn’t interrupt Snow
• Investigated Crane’s apartment first
• Made a deal with Jack
• Offered Flycatcher a job
• Didn’t burn Greenleaf’s tree
• Didn’t kill Tweedle Dum

Episode 4
• Decided to not send Colin to the farm
• Did not try to remove Nerissa’s ribbon
• Went to the Lucky Pawn first
• Decided Toad should not go to the farm
• Responded to the Crooked Man by lighting a cigarette

Episode 5
• Left Georgie to die
• Gave the Crooked Man a trial
• Threw the Crooked Man down the Witching Well
• Accepted T.J’s gift for Snow
• Told Nerissa “I hope I’ve done some good here”


The Wolf Among Us Episode 5 PS3 Review

Not only did this game start off on a high note, but it ended on one too. This game was hands down my favorite game this month. Even though I felt that the game struggled a little through the middle, the end definitely made up for it.

Also, a warning. There will be SPOILERS. You’ve been warned

The story picks up right where episode four left off. Wolf is standing in the room with the Crooked Man, Georgie, Jersey, Vivian, and the Tweedles(or just one if you killed the other…which I did). In that room you can accuse the Crooked Man of the murders of Faith and Lilly, but of course he’ll deny it. He’ll throw Georige under the bus for their murders just before he takes off with Bloody Mary leaving you alone in a room with people who don’t like you all that much.

After that you’ll embark on a high speed chase that was really well done and actually surprising. The scene was unexpected but I have to give it to Telltale for pulling it off as well as they did. After that you’ll deal with Georgie who tells you the Crooked Man ordered the hit on Faith and Lilly. Vivian tells you the truth behind the ribbons and Bloody Mary. After that you’re off to find the Crooked Man and Bloody Mary. The fight scene with Bloody Mary was another action intense scene that I also wasn’t expecting but thoroughly enjoyed it.

Decide what you’re going to do with the Crooked Man and after that stand trial. Try to win the crowd of fables in your favor and see how it ends. After that it seems all is well in Fabletown, but is it? Have one more conversation with Nerissa and you can see all along why I didn’t trust her.

This episode was truly exciting which was really unexpected. I wasn’t expecting it to be so action packed, but it was a pleasant surprise. I was totally hooked on this episode even though I thought it was a little shorter then the rest.

This episode ran just as smooth and flawless as the first episode. All the lag and freezing from the previous two episodes was gone making the playability smooth and effortless.

Graphics were the same as the previous four episodes and were really well done especially during the action scenes. I expected some minor flaws here and there during the action sequences, but there were none.

If you played your cards right, you’ll be getting 8 new trophies after this episode. Six for playing the story, one that is missable for unlocking all of the fables for this episode, and a shiny new platinum trophy. Unlike The Walking Dead, this platinum trophy has an actual image, not just an image of a platinum trophy. I really appreciate this too because it shows that thought was put into it.

Tip: There is only one missable fable and you can find it in Chapter 3. When talking to Bloody Mary, choose to actually talk to her and not hit her. This will unlock a fable and make you one stop closer to your trophy.

Of course there is no multiplayer and it’s not like you actually need it.

Overall I give this episode a 5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Great way to end the season.
+ Awesome action sequences.
+ A twist at the end.

What’s Not So Great:
A little on the short side.

Overall I really enjoyed this game. it had its ups and downs like any game, but it was really good. If you haven’t played this game, then I suggest you do. This is one game you don’t want to miss.

My Choices:
– I killed Georgie.
– I brought the Crooked Man back alive so that he would stand trial
– I threw the Crooked Man down the Witching Well.
– I accepted TJ’s gift for Snow.
– My last words to Nerissa were “I hope I’ve done some good here.”


The Wolf Among Us Episode 4 PS3 Review

At least this episode was better then the last. Still a little bit slow, but the way things ended I’m pretty sure this season will go out with a bang. So, here’s my review:

The story picks up a little while later with Wolf having a bad dream while getting patched up by Dr. Swineheart. Colin and Snow are there bickering back and forth about some stuff leaving you in the middle of them. Do you back up your buddy or the girl? The choice is yours, and once that’s over there’s some more running around to do. You’ll have a nice chat with Beauty and Beast who can’t adjust to living a normal life. My sympathy for them went down the drain for them with their “we don’t know how to live like poor people” bullshit. After that you’ll do some more running around until you finally get a lead on the Crooked Man. Once you finally enter the Crooked Man’s domain, you’ll be escorted by Tiny Tim, just don’t call him Tiny Tim since he hears it enough already from his girlfriend, until you reach the Crooked Man and some of his pals who you may or may not have treated like crap throughout the game. And then…to be continued. Yeah, it ends just like that.

Side Note: I still don’t trust Nerissa! I really hated how she made Snow all jealous by touching Wolf’s arm at that very moment. Typical woman.

To be honest, after the third episode I really didn’t want to play this episode right away. I kinda forced myself and I’m glad I did because I was pretty much into it. Even though it was a little slow paced it was still interesting enough to hold your attention. The introduction of all the new characters was pretty much what did it as it was up to you how to treat them.

The playability was pretty standard for this game and for the season. Some lag and minor freezing, but nothing major. There was one time when I thought I would have to restart but it just stalled a little. I hate to say this, but I’m kind of used to that by now when it comes to these types of games from Telltale. Even though I’m used to it, that doesn’t make it ok.

The graphics were pretty much standard with the rest of the season and there was some new scenery again this episode which was a nice change of pace.

There was the standard seven trophies for this episode again. Six were purely story based while the seventh was for unlocking all of the fables. You’re in luck this time too because there is only one missable fable.

Tip: For the one missable fable, make sure that after your chat with Beauty and Beast that you head over to the Pawn Shop first. Once there talk with Jack and let him know you’re going to take a look around. Head over to the first glass case on the right and look at the pin cushion. A fable is then unlocked making you one step closer to your Master Librarian trophy.

No multiplayer to report about, unless it’s hidden somewhere and I just can’t find it.

Overall I give this episode a 4 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ More interesting story then episode 3.
+ Introduction of new and unexpected characters.
+ Cliffhanger ending.

What’s Not So Great:
Lag and minor freezing issues.
Story was a little slow.

One more episode to go and I’m pretty excited and eager to see how it’s going to end. Here’s hoping it ends just as good as it started.

My Choices:
– I didn’t send Colin to the farm. (Bro’s before Hoes)
– I tried to remove Nerissa’s Ribon.
– I went to the Lucky Pawn first.
– I didn’t send Toad to the farm.
– I lit a cigarette in response to the Crooked Man. (It just seemed like the really cool thing to do)


The Wolf Among Us Episode 3 PS3 Review

Ok, so this episode wasn’t at all what I thought it would be. Not as interesting as the previous two episodes, this one kind of dragged on and on until it ended. Anyway, here’s what I thought about this episode:

Even though this episode picks up exactly where the last left off, all of the excitement completely dies down making the story of this episode rather boring. Intent on finding Crane after finding those pictures, both Wolf and Snow go on a run around trip trying to find out who this Witch that Crane was seeing is and where to find her. Needless to say, you eventually find her and Crane before the episode ends and then the last 15 minutes of the episode is when things finally get interesting. Who is this Bloody Mary and the Crooked Man and what do they want with Crane? What do they know about the murders since, and I just want to point out that I called it in my previous review that you can see here, Crane did not commit those murders. More questions asked and none really answered, so I guess it’s up to the next episode to do the trick.

Side Note: I’m not really trusting or liking this Nerissa character. The whole thing about “these lips are sealed” is just complete bullshit.

I found it really hard to just get into this episode. That was really disappointing since I was really looking forward to the episode. I couldn’t wait to play it and then it just bored me. It felt like the story dragged and I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

The playability was similar to previous episodes, but there were more issues this time around with the longer loading times and some freezing issues. Nothing major really, but just annoying especially since the episode wasn’t all that great to begin with.

Graphics were the same as the last two episodes, but it was nice to see some new parts of the city. I enjoyed the new scenery that was introduced and thought it was well done.

Trophies were the same as well with seven trophies all together, six story related and one missable. The missable one involved collecting all of the fables again with a little extra work then the previous episodes.

Tip: There are 5 missable fables in this episode so unless you want to go back and play a bunch of chapters, I would try to get it right the first time.
The first missable fable is in chapter two. Don’t interrupt Snow and instead go over to the memorial table and sniff around. Get it? Sniff around because you play the wolf…? Moving on…
The next two missable fables are in chapter four. In chapter three make sure you decide to go into Crane’s apartment first to set everything up right. Once you’re in Crane’s apartment look at the horseman statue on the desk. After sniffing (hehe sniffing…still nothing? Fine) around Crane’s apartment make sure you head to Tweedle Dee and Dum’s office. Be nice to Flycatcher since he’s having a pretty shitty day and have a nice chat with him.
The next two are decision based in the fifth chapter so you’ll have to replay this one again. Burn down the tree one time and spare it the next. Make sure to create a new save file when replaying the chapter so it doesn’t mess up your good save file.

As always, no multiplayer so moving right along.

Overall I give this episode a 3 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ New scenery.
+ Interesting twist at the end.

What’s Not So Great:
Boring story that drags.
More lagging and glitches.

I guess not every episode can be interesting and exciting so here’s hoping that episode 4 is better then this.

My Choices:
– I didn’t interrupt Snow’s eulogy.
– I went to Crane’s apartment first.
– I didn’t make a deal with Jack.
– I offered Flycatcher a job.
– I didn’t burn down Greenleaf’s tree.
– I killed Tweedle Dum.


The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 PS3 Review

Wow, just wow. This episode completely blew me away. I thought the first episode was good, you can see my review here, but this episode was even better. Even more twists and turns then the first and a case of mistaken identity. Without further ado, here’s my review:

The story picks up right where the first episode left off, and if you haven’t played the first episode then stop reading because there will be SPOILERS! Ok, so Snow’s head is found right on the footstep where Faith’s head was found the night before and the next thing you know Wolf is being interrogated by the real police. The story progresses from there until you find out that the head you found wasn’t really Snow. What the hell, right? Anyway you still have two murders to solve and you’re not going to have an easy time doing it.

More fable characters are introduced this time around and it was interesting to see how things played out for them. Especially the ones who ended up as strippers and hookers. This is definitely not Once Upon a Time. I mean seriously, did anyone expect to actually see a fable character stripping? Well I didn’t. Enough about fables behaving badly though, you also get to see what Beauty was being so mysterious about and you find out who the killer is. At least this episode makes you think you do.

Side Note: I’m calling it right now that Crane is not the murderer. I’m not sure who is at this point, but I don’t think it’s him.

As much as I was completely into the first episode, I was even more intrigued and immersed into the second episode. The creators at Telltale are excellent storytellers and they keep you interested in the game as well as the characters in the game. Just like before, when I finished this episode I immediately wanted to play the next.

This game definitely makes up for what The Walking Dead is missing playability wise. Movements continued to not feel stiff as they usually are, but some of the lag issues and long loading times did show up in this episode. While this was disappointing, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been so I’m going to overlook it this time.

Nothing new to report on the graphics since they were the same as the last episode, but I will comment on how they continue to amaze me and just blow me away.

There are another seven trophies in this episode, six being story related and one being missable. Once again the trophies are well done and the names are creative as some even match the fable’s legend. Like last time, certain fables that have to be unlocked can be missed, but it’s not too hard to go back and get it.

TIP: The first two missable fables are in the second chapter. Here you have to decide how you want to treat the suspect you brought in. Go easy on him one time and use all the talking options and beat the crap out of him the next using none of the talking actions and all of the violent actions. I would recommend creating a new save for this one since it happens early in the game and can mess with your original save file. The next missable fable is right in the third chapter. After you chat with Toad Jr. tell Snow to wait and have a chat with the magic mirror.

As always no multiplayer and I want to say thanks to Telltale for that because there is no reason for it and they realize that so it’s not forced down your throat.

Overall I give this episode a 5 out of 5

What’s Great
+ Amazing story.
+ Twists and turns that make sense.
+ Interesting characters and even more interesting decisions to make.

What’s Not So Great:
Return of some lag, but nothing game breaking.

I was really looking forward to this episode especially after the first one and it did not disappoint. I can’t wait to play the third episode.

My Choices:
– I shut out Crane when talking about Snow’s death.
– I forced my suspect to talk.
– I told Snow not to come to the Trip Trap.
– I hit Georgie.
– I didn’t hit Beast a second time.