These Past Three Weeks in Trophies 12-02-2018 – 12-22-2018

As you might have already known, it’s been three whole weeks since I posted a trophy blog. I’ve basically been sick these past three weeks with a really bad case of bronchitis that also turned into a really bad ear infection, which caused me to miss a bunch of work, then work while I was sick and miserable because everyone is just miserable when they’re sick and who really wants to work, and it caused me to miss a lot of blogging and a lot of gaming. I am feeling a little better as the bronchitis starts to go away and the ear infection has basically cleared up, so why not start blogging again. Anyway, here’s a breakdown of the trophies I was able to get within the past three weeks.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – 82%

I finally got the platinum trophy for this game! Which means that I can’t say anything about this game here, and my reviews are really backed up so it’s going to be a while before I can actually tell you guys what I thought about the game. I will say that for the first time ever, I did actually buy the DLC for this game and even finished that, so I also can’t talk about that here. I promise that the new year will be filled with reviews though.

Assassin's Creed OdysseyAssassin's Creed OdysseyAssassin's Creed OdysseyAssassin's Creed OdysseyAssassin's Creed OdysseyAssassin's Creed OdysseyAssassin's Creed OdysseyAssassin's Creed OdysseyAssassin's Creed OdysseyAssassin's Creed OdysseyAssassin's Creed OdysseyAssassin's Creed OdysseyAssassin's Creed OdysseyAssassin's Creed OdysseyAssassin's Creed OdysseyAssassin's Creed Odyssey

Dying Light – 28%

Thanks to my buddy @tjarvinen86, I was able to get some trophies for this game within these past three weeks. I want to say a big thank you to him for playing this game with me while I was sick because I was really sick and he had to hear all of my coughing and sneezing and all that other gross stuff over the microphone, but he stuck with me and helped me progress in this game.

Dying LightDying LightDying LightDying Light

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game – 18%

I’ve been wanting to play this game for a while and when I seen that this game finally had trophies, I downloaded it for free and started playing. Thanks to this game I was able to get my 9,000th trophy which was a huge milestone for me. I have to say though that I’m really enjoying this game and I really like playing when I get the chance to do so.

GWENT: The Witcher Card GameGWENT: The Witcher Card GameGWENT: The Witcher Card GameGWENT: The Witcher Card GameGWENT: The Witcher Card GameGWENT: The Witcher Card GameGWENT: The Witcher Card GameGWENT: The Witcher Card GameGWENT: The Witcher Card GameGWENT: The Witcher Card GameGWENT: The Witcher Card GameGWENT: The Witcher Card Game

WWE 2K19 – 35%

This is the first WWE game that I’ve played in a really long time, I bought it on sale during the holiday sale time and decided to play it. It’s also my first 2K WWE game and I have to say that from what I’ve played in the past, this feels like a huge downgrade. I’m really not enjoying this game and it feels like an absolute chore to play. I like to call this my angry game because it either makes me angry when I play or I play it when I’m feeling angry for whatever reason.

WWE 2K19WWE 2K19WWE 2K19WWE 2K19WWE 2K19WWE 2K19WWE 2K19WWE 2K19WWE 2K19WWE 2K19WWE 2K19WWE 2K19WWE 2K19WWE 2K19WWE 2K19

Tomb Raider – 55%

Here’s a blast from the past because the last time I played this game on the PS3 was when it was released. I played this game when my buddy @tjarvinen86 needed some MP trophies that I also needed. Another big thank you to him for playing this game with me because I was so sick when we played and he had to endure all of my sickness.

There you have it, three weeks, a total of 53 trophies, a new platinum trophy, and a milestone 9,000th trophy. Not bad for being sick and taking breaks between sleeping, working, and being miserable in order to game. For the upcoming week, I plan to continue to play some more GWENT, WWE 2K19 so that I can finish it up, and some other games that I have left unfinished because I refuse to start a new game until the new year. I’ll let you know how things worked out for me next week.


I Never Finished…Tomb Raider…Because

Tomb Raider

This is one of those franchises that I’ve been playing since I was a teenager. I played this game a few times on the PS2, but mostly did my Tomb Raider playthroughs on PC. I know, huge shock, right? I’ve always loved every single Tomb Raider game, even that really crappy one that was released for the PS2 Angel of Darkness. That’s beside the point though, Lara Croft is an icon and when I heard that Tomb Raider was getting the full reboot on the PS3, I was a little skeptical at first, but then really fell in love with not only the idea but the game. So why the hell is it on this list? Keep reading to find out.

Tomb Raider is about Lara Croft before she was Lara Croft. The new and ambitious archeologist sets out on her first ever adventure and like all Tomb Raider games, something goes horribly wrong. With this game it means that the ship that she’s on, Endurance, gets shipwrecked and Lara and her crew end up getting way more than they bargained for. For a character that is so well known and iconic, this game gives you a new perspective on the character as it’s basically a prequel to all the other Tomb Raider games where Lara is more experienced. As always, Lara will go in looking for one thing and end up finding another in this open world action adventure game.

At first I wasn’t sure what to think about this game. I know it was a new generation of games, but I was still stuck on my first Tomb Raider games and the look and the feel of them. When I finally got around to playing this game though, I fell in love with it because it was new and exciting but it was still the same Tomb Raider game that I was looking for. Yes, some of the mechanics changed and Lara could now use a bow and arrow, totally my favorite part by the way, but it also meant that this was giving her character as well as the franchise a fresh start. I enjoyed this new perspective so much that for a week straight this was all that I played from morning to night. I played a mix of the regular game and the multiplayer which I was pretty good at and actually enjoyed. I was seriously on this loop of waking up each morning and playing this game first thing, breaking along the day for various reasons, and then playing until I was ready to pass out. I even finished this game, but then ended up not getting the platinum trophy? Here’s the thing on why I never finished it though, at first my “friend” was pissed that I bought this game because apparently, I wasn’t allowed to buy games that she had no interest in and no desire to play so she decided not to talk to me for a whole week. This is where the playing day and night came in because I had no distractions and to tell you the truth I was loving it. I happily finished this game and was about to re-start it to go back and get my remaining trophies when my “friend” decided that she was talking to me again and every single time she noticed I was playing this game I would get a phone call, or a PSN message, or a Skype message, or a text and the game became less fun until I just tossed it to the side. This is totally my fault by the way because I’m the one that allowed it, sometimes it just takes a while to see how stupid you once were.

As you can see from the picture above I was able to get 32 out of the 51 trophies for this game, and that was just on my first go around. Can you imagine if I went through with my second playthrough? That platinum trophy would have been mine. Anyway, I’m only missing a few super easy trophies, collectibles and such, and some grindy multiplayer trophies, that I totally could have gotten because I was playing the multiplayer that much at the time. Yes I might be hard to believe, but I tossed Mass Effect 3 MP to the side for this game. It’s not a lot of trophies left and I accomplished a lot because I was able to get 50% of the trophies on the first time around. How many times does that happen?

Probability of this game getting played again…4 out of 5.

Tomb Raider

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about getting the remaster for my PS4, but I always stopped because I really want to finish this game first and then I don’t mind playing it again on the PS4. Anyway, I would really love to get back into this game and now that my “friend” is no longer my friend it shouldn’t be that hard to do except I rarely turn on my PS3 these days.

Now it’s your turn. Did you fall in love with the reboot of this icon game and character like I did? Or did you hate it? Are you still not finished with the multiplayer and looking for someone to help you grind your way through the trophies? That would be a good enough excuse for me to turn on my PS3 again. Let me know in the comments section below and for next week another game that I was having a good time playing because I was on someone’s shit list again for purchasing this game, until all was forgiven and I was basically back to square one and all of the enjoyment was gone. By now you probably know why I never finished this game, but I’ll tell you why I never finished God of War: Ascension next week.


Should Games Be Turned Into Movies?

It seems all too often now there is always some sort of news about some video game being turned into a full blown live action movie. Sure, some of these movies are successful when it comes to the dollar amount that they make and most of them have huge stars in them just to push up the box office money taken in, but does that mean that games should be turned into movies?

When I think of games being turned into movies, I think of the first video game turned live action movie that I’ve ever seen which was Super Mario Bros. This movie was released in the early 90’s and loosely based off of Super Mario Brothers. I have fond memories of watching this movie on VHS when it was released even though it wasn’t received all that well by critics. Even though this movie was categorized as a failure, that didn’t stop studio’s from making more movies based off of video games.

After Super Mario Bros., there was just a stream of these movies being made. Just to name a few you have Double Dragon, Mortal Kombat, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Alone in the Dark, Silent Hill, BloodRayne, Max Payne, and Need For Speed. While some of these movies were good, others were not (I’m totally looking at you BloodRayne, what a horrible horrible movie you turned out to be). If you add up the good vs. bad column, the bad kind of outweighs the good which is a trend when it comes to these kinds of movies.

Sometimes just the thought of one of my favorite games being turned into a movie makes me cringe just a bit. As much as I love Mass Effect, I really don’t want to see it turned into a movie. That game is based solely on decisions and interactions made by the PLAYER. In a movie Shepard would be controlled by the writer/director/producer and making choices that maybe I wouldn’t make, not to mention that the role of Shepard will probably go to someone who is male. This kind of ruins it for me since the choices made in the movie will be seen as “cannon” making my choices seem irrelevant in the Mass Effect universe.

While I won’t be spending my money to go see a Mass Effect movie when it finally gets made, I am eager to see The Last of Us made into a movie. So why am I so eager to see this movie when I’ve already expressed how much I don’t want to see Mass Effect being turned into a movie? The answer to this is really simple; The Last of Us is a linear story. No matter what, the same things are going to happen in the game whether I want them to or not. I don’t make any of the choices in this game, the game does that for me and I’m just along for the ride. While this doesn’t mean that the movie is going to be good, I’m still eager to see what a live action movie would look like.

Final verdict? Should games be turned into movies? Yes and no. I give the go ahead to movies based on games that contain a linear story so that each and every person playing the game and watching the movie has experienced the same exact game and movie. I give the no go to movies based on games that are solely based on decisions that the player has to make.


Are Remastered Games Worth It?

With the release of the new consoles, it seems like almost every game lately is being “remastered”. Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, and Grand Theft Auto V are just a few of the games that have been remastered from their PS3 versions so that they can be played on the PS4. It also seems like a bunch of games are even being considered to be remastered such as Borderlands 2, Uncharted Series, etc. For people that never played these games before, or don’t have a PS3, then this is great. But what about the people that already played these games on the PS3? Is it really worth it to buy these games all over again or is this just another ploy from the game companies to get you to spend more of your money on something you already played?

I have mixed feelings when it comes to remastered games. I think it’s pretty cool that these games are being updated with better graphics and new features for a new system. From what I’ve seen, The Last of Us looks absolutely stunning on the PS4. That’s not to say that it didn’t look good on the PS3 though, because visually it was absolutely beautiful. I also liked how more detailed Lara Croft’s face was on the PS4 version of Tomb Raider, but is that reason enough to go out and spend another $49.99 to purchase these games?

That’s where my mixed feelings about remastered games comes in. I already paid $59.99 for Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, and Grand Theft Auto V. Many people paid more for these games with the addition of DLC and other add-on’s, so is it really worth it to go out and spend another $49.99 and up to play these games again on a new console? For me it’s not. As much as I can go and play Tomb Raider and The Last of Us again on the PS4, I’m not spending another $49.99 on these games when I can get a new PS4 game that I’ve never played before instead. It just seems ridiculous to pay this much money for the same exact game. Nothing major on these games have changed. They’re still the same exact game just with updated graphics and features. To be honest, I would rather have a new game in these series instead of playing something that I’ve already played once before.

So if you haven’t played these games before, with the exception of Grand Theft Auto V which I would recommend to no one, I would suggest picking them up for the PS4. These games are awesome and deserve to be played on a console that is equally awesome. If you have played these games on the PS3 already, then it’s simply not worth it to get them again on the PS4, but that’s what so great about the month of November. With all of the end of the month holiday sales coming up these games will be dirt cheap. My ideal price for these games would be $19.99 or less. If I’m lucky enough to find The Last of Us Remastered and Tomb Raider at this price then I’ll be picking them up. If not, then it really doesn’t matter because I played them already.