Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – Was the Illusive Man a Bad Guy?

Submitted by Anonymous Was the Illusive Man a Bad Guy?

I have to say, that I adore questions like this.  Mostly because it allows me to express my opinions, but also because it opens up a ton of discussion.

So right down to it.  Was The Illusive Man a bad guy?  At the end of Mass Effect 3, I’m going to say hell yes he was a bad guy.  Just like Saren in Mass Effect he was indoctrinated.  The Reapers had totally messed with his mind and everything that he had set out to do was corrupted and he became power hungry.  But the real question is, was he always a bad guy?

I’m going to say outright that The Illusive Man was not always a bad guy.  In a time where aliens ruled and had little interest in human welfare, The Illusive Man founded Cerberus.  Yes they came off as xenophobic, but who else cared about human interests?  Let’s not forget the man spent major money to bring back Shepard.  He was the only one who believed the threat of the Reapers when no one else did!

This is why I count The Illusive Man among one of my favorite villains, which you can read about here.  He started off as wanting to do something good, but like so many got corrupted along the way and eventually turned into a bad guy.

SPOLIERS, but Kudos At least at the end of Mass Effect 3, The Illusive Man got the chance to redeem himself and realize what he had become, so good on BioWare for at least doing that.

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