Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – What is the hardest trophy to get in The Elder Scrolls: Online?

Submitted by Anonymous What is the hardest trophy to get in The Elder Scrolls: Online?

While I kind of gave up on The Elder Scrolls: Online a week after it was released and was never really able to get back into it, mostly because of all the problems the servers were having, I would have to say that Emperor! would be the hardest trophy to get. Emperor! requires that you “dominate the Alliance War battlefield and become Emperor of Tamriel.” In actuality what you have to do while in this game mode is to take control of all six surrounding fortresses, which sounds easy enough, but in order to become Emperor you also have to have the highest amount of points within your alliance. Having the highest amount of points sounds like one of the more difficult tasks depending on who you’re playing with. Play with a super awesome team and someone else will probably get the trophy, play with a really crappy team and it seems like you wouldn’t be able to take control of all six surrounding fortresses. It’s kind of a lose-lose situation unless you’re a pretty badass player. Either way out of the whole trophy list, this is the one that seems the hardest because it’s a half skill half luck based trophy where all the other trophies are pretty achievable and just require a lot of grinding.

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