Video Game Tattoo Chronicles – Part 9 – Butt Stallion Says Hello

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I got my first tattoo which was Athena and now I’m onto my 9th session with my 7th tattoo to fill in my mash up of Borderlands and Mass Effect themed sleeve. I still have a long way to go, but sleeves take a while and it’s not like they can be done overnight or in one sitting no matter how well you sit. Anyway, last month was Claptrap, and you can read about my session for that here and this month was yet another Borderlands character.

For this month’s addition to my sleeve, it’s the one and only Butt Stallion. Handsome Jack’s diamond pony. There were some main points for me that had to be done when it came to this tattoo, which made my artist really have to work and see where this was going to go. While he didn’t want to do the whole horse, which was fine by me, the one thing that I wanted was for the whole purple mane to be included. This made it a little more difficult for him, not to mention the fact that I wanted Butt Stallion to have a rainbow around it, but not just any standard rainbow a water color / splashy type rainbow. I know, I know, I was very difficult this time, but as always my tattoo artist was able to oblige and was able to get it done. There were some compromises along the way, like we didn’t get to my elbow because he wanted something else there and not the rainbow and the shading on Butt Stallion was done a little darker so that it would hold up to the test of time a little better.

The final product though was amazing. It was hard this time around because I had to lay on my stomach the whole time and really had no idea what the hell he was doing as we watched some Game of Thrones, talked about what we thought was going to happen in Game of Thrones, and talked about some gaming. Every once in a while he would tell me where he was at as I laid there for three whole hours. This is no easy task as when he usually tattoo’s me I’m able to watch and see which directions he’s going in. This is where the trust part comes in because you really have to trust your artist. I trust mine and it paid off completely.

Butt Stallion Tattoo

Getting Noticed Thank you Gearbox for taking notice of my tattoo and sending me a message via Twitter about it. I was wondering why my feed all of a sudden just blew up and it was because of this response that I got from them. This is always cool when a company gives you some kind of notice for getting a character of their creation inked on your body.

Butt Stallion Tattoo

With my next appointment already scheduled, the layout on my arm has changed just a bit. Much to my tattoo artist’s disappointment, we won’t be doing a Mass Effect alien next month, but Miranda. Now this isn’t set in stone and it may change because while he wants to make this huge shoulder piece out of her, there are still some more characters that I want to add onto my sleeve. We’ll see how things go next month and as always, I’ll let you know how everything worked out.


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