I Never Finished…Chronovolt…Because


Basically there were two reasons why I played this game. One was because it was free. This was the most important reason of them all and the second reason was because I needed some alone gaming time. If you’ve read the last few I Never Finished…Because blogs then you know why. Anyway, this seemed like the perfect game. Turns out it wasn’t and I never finished it.

Chronovolt is a simple puzzle platformer made exclusively for the PS Vita. It was made exclusively because it utilized the PS Vita’s tilt system. Throughout steam punk styled game you’ll operate the Chronosphere, this little metal ball throughout each level and collect power ups, some that help you rewind time and do other various things, in order to reach the end of each level.

I thought this would be a cool game to jump into because it reminded me of one of my favorite games on the NES which was Marble Madness. Anyone else remember this game? Let me know in the comments section and we can reminisce about the greatness that was Marble Madness. Anyway, this game was not Marble Madness and it really didn’t help that the controller for this game was the whole PS Vita. Tilt slightly the wrong way and you were rolled off the board and forced to start again. I already have an awkward time holding the PS Vita as it is, so this game was not for me and I quickly became agitated. Once I was agitated I put this game back in the vault and never looked at it again.

As you can see from the pathetic picture above I was able to get none of the 9 trophies this game has to offer. None. I’m not bothered to much by it since the trophies range from Rare to Very Rare so I wasn’t the only one. Anyway this game is yet another stain on my trophy profile.

Probability of this game getting played again…0 out of 5.

I have no desire to ever play this game again. If I want something like Marble Madness to play, I’ll hook up my NES and actually play Marble Madness. Thinking about Marble Madness really makes me want to play it again though. How awesome was the game? Also agitating, but in a different way. Anyway, this game isn’t for me and I’m not going to force it on myself just to finish it up.

Now it’s your turn. Did you also play this game? Love it? Hate it? Wish it was Marble Madness instead of this weird little copy? Let me know in the comments section below and for next week, a AAA game that I found some time to play alone and actually enjoy myself before I was constantly interrupted then unable to enjoy the full game. It’s part of my favorite franchise that I played on both the PS2 and the PC, yes I played some games on the PC a very long time ago, that has recently been rebooted quite successfully. Know what it is yet? It’s Tomb Raider. Next week I’ll let you know why I never finished Tomb Raider for the PS3.


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