This Week in Trophies 05-15-2016 – 05-21-2016

I would have to say that this week was a pretty standard week when it came to trophies. It wasn’t my best week ever and it wasn’t my worst week either. Now next week, next week might possibly be the worst week ever, but we’ll talk about that next week. Anyway, I thought that I managed to get a decent amount of trophies this week and here they are.

Tropico 5 – 33%

I continued playing this game this week whenever I got the chance to do so and I’m still having a pretty great time playing. I got through a little more of the actual campaign mode but realized that most of the trophies can actually be easily obtained through the sandbox mode. Either way the game is still fun and I’m getting a lot out of it.

Tropico 5 Tropico 5Tropico 5 Tropico 5Tropico 5 Tropico 5Tropico 5 Tropico 5Tropico 5 Tropico 5Tropico 5 Tropico 5Tropico 5

The Four Kings Casino and Slots – 47%

The only reason why I even played this game this week was because I needed something to play while Far Harbor was downloading. The upside of playing was that I was able to get some trophies for this game making me get just a little closer to getting all of the trophies for this game.

Four Kings Slots and Casino Four Kings Casino and SlotsFour Kings Casino and Slots

Fallout 4 – 76%

I made my way back into the world of Fallout 4 this week to play the new DLC Far Harbor. I have to say that so far, I’m enjoying the DLC. There’s a hell of a lot more to do then the other two DLC’s that have been released and there’s a lot of exploring to be done on this new island that you’re brought to. There’s a lot of history there and there’s actually a lot of lore which was impressive. I’m really enjoying the DLC and playing any chance that I get.

Fallout 4 Fallout 4Fallout 4

Table Top Racing: World Tour – 35%

I played this game this week mostly when I wanted to play a game but had a limited amount of time. After a while this game has been getting a little boring, but I’m sure that with some diligence that I’ll be able to eventually get the platinum trophy for this game.

Table Top Racing: World Tour Table Top Racing: World TourTable Top Racing: World Tour

That was it for this week, like I said a decent week for trophies. Now for the upcoming week, my schedule is so damn packed that I’m not even sure I’ll be able to game. I will try to get some more Mass Effect 2 in because it seems like when I last played, all I did was mine planets and got one story mission done. Other than that, I have no idea since I will be heading off to MegaCon this week. MegaCon is something that I really look forward to each year and while it does mean some time away from gaming it also means that I get to do some nerdy things for a weekend. If I happen to get any trophies this upcoming week, I’ll let you know about it. If not look for my MegaCon blog which will be posted after the event.



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