Throwback Thursday Review – DLC Remix – Dragon Age: Origins – The Stone Prisoner

Because you didn’t have enough companions to begin with, The Stone Prisoner lets you add in another companion so you have an even more difficult time choosing who you’re going to bring with you each time you travel. This was during a time where BioWare added in companions via DLC. Let me tell you more about The Stone Prisoner and then let you know if it was worth it or not.

The Stone Prisoner, played in the main campaign of the game, allows you to travel to Honnleath. Here you’ll find an ancient golem frozen in time. Throughout this DLC, which is more like just a simple quest, you’ll unlock why this golem, Shale, is frozen in the center of the town, find out a little more about the town, and recruit one of your more powerful allies in the game. Shale also comes with a past that you’ll learn about throughout the course of the game.

This is a short and sweet DLC that rewards you at the end by giving you a new companion and lets you get some pretty cool loot. Once again this DLC contains a bunch of Dragon Age lore as well as recruiting Shale. Shale is packed with lore as well and is a really cool character to begin with. While Shale has been later seen in the Dragon Age novels, I’m still waiting for her to make an appearance in a game. Unless they kill her off in the novel, like some other characters, and she’s never seen again.

While I didn’t run into any problems the many times I played this DLC, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t problems. As I always say with BioWare games, make sure you have a backup save because at any moment something can go wrong.

Since this is played in the main game you’ll have the same graphics as the rest of the game which as I’ve said multiple times is not this games strong point. Anyway, as you can imagine these graphics do not hold up today even though Shale does look pretty cool.

Play this DLC and you’ll have yourself another two trophies. One of them is story related and the other you have to work for. It’s not hard, but you’ll have to help Shale with her memories. It’s a worthy cause, not just for the trophy, but for the extra lore.

Three cheers for no multiplayer!

Overall I give this DLC a 4.5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Dragon Age fans will love the lore that comes with this DLC.
+ There is a short story that goes along with recruiting Shale and it’s a pretty interesting one.
+ After the DLC’s all over you’ll have Shale as a companion who is awesome.

What’s Not So Great:
Not really a DLC, again, but more like a quest within the game. There really isn’t much more after recruiting Shale.

Overall I thought this was a pretty cool DLC, you get a new companion, you get some extra Dragon Age lore, and you have a little story to go with it all. Have I mentioned how much I love Dragon Age lore? Anyway, if you want another companion to have to choose from during your travels then this is the DLC for you. Also, this DLC is free so if you have Dragon Age, why not just get this DLC?

Now for next week, you probably already know it because there’s a ton of DLC for this game, it’s another Dragon Age DLC. This time will be the DLC Return to Ostagar. From the title you can already probably tell what the DLC is about, but I’ll go into it a little more next week.


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