Pet Peeve: Broken Multiplayer

While I’ve been known to play the occasional totally online game from time to time. I’ve played and enjoyed Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and have recently been addicted to The Elder Scrolls Online, not to mention that I’ve also sunk 300+ hours into the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, I mostly dislike multiplayer and at best just tolerate it. What makes me even more upset with multiplayer is not only when my platinum trophy requires me to make an effort and actually try the multiplayer, but also when the multiplayer just doesn’t work.

My most recent complaint comes from…drum roll please…Far Cry 4. This game came out just this past November and not only is the multiplayer already dead, it’s also broken. For a game that is still pretty new, I would have thought that more people would still actively be playing it but I was wrong. So very wrong. Then not to mention that in order to get the platinum for this game you actually have to play the multiplayer. That’s if you can find 5 other people to join you and if the servers are actually working right. A trophy that should have taken me 1-2 hours to complete took me well over 5 hours which is just insane. In my 5 hours I suffered from constant disconnects, game freezing, game stalling, along with all of the waiting in a room for other people to join. All of that just to play 3 different types of multiplayer, all which were bad, and all of that just to get a trophy.

Here’s the thing, I understand that companies who include multiplayer in their games do it in order to make more money and that’s fine. I mean, it’s not fine, but I’ve just come to accept it like I’ve come to accept the fact that when I pay $60 for a game, I’m not getting a full game and should be prepared to spend anywhere from an additional $30-$50 in DLC in order to actually complete the game. The only thing that I want though is for the multiplayer to actually work. How hard is that? If as a game developer, you are unable to create a stable multiplayer environment then just don’t include it in your game. It’s simple really. For me, Far Cry 4 is really just a single player experience, the tacked on multiplayer is an obvious money grab as is the co-op mode. The only reason why I even played was to obviously get the four trophies that are associated with co-op and multiplayer because if it weren’t for those trophies I would have skipped the co-op and multiplayer completely. There was no reason to play it. It didn’t add to the story in anyway and it didn’t affect the game in any way either.

While I really wish that these companies would stop tacking on multiplayer in order to get more money, I know that’s not going to happen. What I would like though, and I’m sure a lot of other people would appreciate this as well, is to have the multiplayer actually work. Don’t push me to play the multiplayer that is broken making me enjoy your game even less. I have no problem dabbling with each games multiplayer to test it out or to get some trophies, just make sure it works!



  1. I agree with you 100% on this, I personally barely ever touch multiplayer on a game and I know I didn’t on far cry 4, I saw the co-op trophies and went well not platinuming this game

    • I hate when I can’t platinum a game because of multiplayer/co-op trophies, especially a game with super easy trophies. When it came to the co-op and multiplayer for Far Cry 4 I really had to push my way through it because there was no way I was finishing that game without the platinum.

      • When I get my PS4 next month I am going to be platinuming (No idea if that is a real word but lets go with it) the game no matter how long it takes

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