I Never Finished…Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception…Because

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Uncharted 3 was one of those games that I had been waiting for since at the time Uncharted was among my favorite video game series. It was one of those games that I pre-ordered and even pre-ordered the collector’s edition because I totally wanted that statue that came with it. Like most games on this list though, I might have finished the game itself but never got to that 100% fully complete status. Keep reading to find out why.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception takes place a few years after the ending of Uncharted 2. Both Drake and Sully are at it again as there are new enemies for them to take on and new places for them to discover. This game has a bit of a twist though as you’ll go back and forth between present day Drake and 14 year old Drake in order to see what his life was like and how he met Sully in the first place. Doing this builds the story to this emotional roller coaster of a game that revolves once again around Nate’s famous ring and another mystery surrounding Sir Francis Drake.

Although I had been waiting so patiently for this game and was super excited, I kind of felt a little let down by the overall game. It wasn’t as exciting as the previous game and I thought that the story kind of went in the opposite direction. Yes there were the usual twists and turns, but none of them could really live up to Uncharted 2. It seemed like they took a lot of the things that worked in Uncharted 2 and tried to bring them into Uncharted 3, but they did so in a way where it just felt like they copied and pasted it in with a new story. Even though I finished the game, I never went back and did multiple playthroughs like I did with Uncharted 2. I thought at least I would have as much fun with the multiplayer as I did with Uncharted 2 and even bought the season pass, but I soon lost interest and moved onto something else.

There are a hell of a lot of trophies for this game. 105 to be exact, that’s counting the original base game which has 55 trophies than another 50 DLC / multiplayer based trophies. As you can tell from the picture above I was only able to get 23 of those trophies and that was from the base game alone. This game had the typical Uncharted trophy list, which is pretty easy as long as you play the game multiple times in order to find all the treasures, do a few special things throughout the game, use all of the games weapons, and so on. Then there are the multiplayer trophies. These trophies require you to grind so much that you just about have to stop playing everything else just to get them which I clearly was not willing to do.

Probability of this game getting played again…2 out of 5.

Even though I own this game and it would be easy to pop it in and start playing again, I’m not really sure that I want to. Like I said, I wasn’t really a fan of the story and the last thing I want to do is spend all of my gaming time grinding away at this games huge amount of multiplayer that I’m not even sure if it’s active or not. Even with the new Uncharted game / DLC coming out in August, I really have no need to go back and play them from the beginning again so this one will stay on the shelf for a while even though I do own it and look at it occasionally when flipping through the old game sleeve book.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Now it’s your turn. Did you play this game and finish it but not finish it like I did? Maybe you have the platinum trophy for this game and thought that this was a worthy entry in the Uncharted series. If you have the 100% for this game though, I would like to know how long it took to get all those multiplayer trophies. Now for next week, another game series that I was addicted to at the time. I of course finished it, but I never did go back to get all of the trophies. I’ll let you know why I never finished Assassin’s Creed: Revelations next week.



  1. I loved this game, but I don’t think it could have ever lived up to 2. That was such a step up from 1. It’s easily at the level of the jump in quality of games like AC 2 from 1. But I still had a lot of fun. That burning mansion bit was awesome and that ship was rock hard. I’d still put 1 as the hardest on Crushing, but 3 is a close 2nd. Well until 4 came alone 😀 That one definitely was a big improvement at the level of 2 from 1

    • I don’t think that any of the Uncharted games that came out after 2 lived up to the “Uncharted” name. For me the best in the series was 2, I honestly didn’t care all that much for 4 or how it ended.

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