Weekly Trophy Tip – Borderlands 2 – High-Flying Hurler

This week’s trophy tip comes via Borderlands 2. Now for this trophy, the tip that I’ll be giving you will work with either the PS3/PS Vita version or the newly released PS4 version so it’s kind of a win win especially if you have this game for every platform. While this isn’t the rarest trophy from the Borderlands 2 trophy list, it’s still pretty missable. Here’s what you’re going to need to do in order to get this trophy.

Borderlands 2 – High-Flying Hurler
Killed a flying enemy with a thrown Tediore weapon – Bronze
TIP: To get this trophy, first you’ll need a Tediore weapon. Any Tediore weapon will do so it could be a shotgun, a pistol, an assault rifle, a sniper rifle, the choice is yours. You need this weapon because when you hit the reload button you get to toss this weapon out like it’s a piece of unwanted garbage and then it explodes. Kill any flying enemy by doing this and you’ll get the trophy. The easy way to do this is when you get your Tediore weapon head back to the Southern Shelf where there are some low level Rakks that won’t be hard to kill. Head down to the iced over lake and stand in the middle of it. The Rakks will start to swarm around you before attacking. Once they do go ahead and shoot at them before reloading. Make sure the reload hits one of them and explodes killing them instantly in order to get the trophy.

Have anything additional to add to my tip? Let me know in the comments section below and I’ll add it in and give you credit. Need help with a specific trophy? I’m always looking for my next weeks tip so throw out some suggestions in the comments section. If I have the trophy I’ll post a tip on how to get it.


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