Taco Master Review (PS Vita)

It’s been a long long time since I’ve successfully played and completed a PS Vita game, but I was able to pick this game up for a deal ($1.49 to be exact) and it was a time management game, which I’m kind of a sucker for. Damn you Diner Dash for starting it all, anyway, I always like these types of games and the price was right so I said what the hell and threw my money into the wind and here’s what I thought about the game as a whole.

Surprisingly there’s a story to this game. You’ll play as a taco maker’s apprentice in order to become a Taco Master. The guy that runs the taco stand was betrayed by his partner and is now trying to make it on his own. You’ll play through four different career modes, a time attach mode, and an arcade mode in order to master your taco making skills. Will you have what it takes to become a taco master?

The story is kind of a bare bones type thing. It’s there to be there, but it really adds no value to the game and isn’t what will keep you playing. So what does keep you playing? The goals that are set for each time attack and for each level. Each goal is semi-more challenging than the last and the game itself isn’t all that bad. It’s something that should hold your interest for small bursts of time, but isn’t really something that you could play for hours on end. What did bother me about this game though was that throughout each level you made money, but then you couldn’t do anything with the money. There was no shop to purchase add-on’s, there were no upgrades to buy, there was nothing which made having the money basically pointless.

When it comes to PS Vita games, the playability is something that is never consistent. While the game ran smoothly and perfectly, the controls did not. Everything is based off of the touch screen, and just to make sure that it’s not my touch screen that’s going and not working properly I always test out another game that uses only the touch screen to make sure everything works so that I can say for sure that it isn’t my screen but the game itself. A lot of the times the game does not respond to the areas on the touch screen that are pressed or used to drag. This is kind of a drag and drop type of game and it really doesn’t work all that well. Things that are dragged usually don’t get dropped properly making you have to start from scratch. Sometimes you can make the correct order, but the ticket doesn’t recognize it as the correct order and takes away from your combo score. This along with the unresponsiveness of the game became very annoying very fast. At times I wanted to toss the Vita and this game out the window and be done with it because no one wants to continuously play a game that is frustrating as hell and not responsive.

The graphics for this game were ok. They were there and they worked, but they weren’t spectacular. I know it’s a PS Vita game which gives this game the credibility of a mobile game, but still there should have at least been some effort put into to the graphics. This looked more like it was thrown together and looked a little sloppy.

There are a total of 34 trophies for this game. 34 and that’s including a platinum. Pretty impressive for a little PS Vita game right? The main trophies are pretty simple and you’ll get them just by playing the game. Only two trophies will really require a little grinding (Crab Soup and Plague Control), but it’s not really that much to where someone would normally just give up because it’s going to take up too much time. I would say, plan on spending at least 1-2 hours grinding out these two trophies

There’s no multiplayer with this game, although something could have been incorporated I’m sure if it was it wouldn’t have worked right so I’ll be thankful there was none.

Overall I give this game a 2 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Simple time management game that involves making taco’s. (Who doesn’t love tacos?)
+ A simple little story, but at least it’s something that adds a little value to the game.
+ A lot of levels and a lot of things to do make this game a lengthy one to play even if there really is no replay value after you finish.

What’s Not So Great:
Super glithcy controls that don’t always work and it’s not your PS Vita, it’s the game.
Sometimes the game doesn’t even recognize its own commands which to me is just poor programming.
The graphics could use a little more work and a little more detail.

For the price of this game, it isn’t a bad game. It’s not a great game either by any means, but it is something cool to play if you’re trying to kill some time. Since this game is no longer on sale, the original price is $2.99 for the time you’ll spend playing it and for the platinum trophy, it isn’t a bad price. Will this game one day be on the PS+ lineup, probably. I would suggest that if you want to spend the $2.99 to give this game a try, then go ahead since you’ll get a decent amount of playtime out of the game for the money, but if not wait until it eventually lands on the PS+ lineup. If you do buy it though, just beware of the glitches that I told you about, otherwise enjoy becoming a Taco Master!


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