The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – Episode 2 – The Ties that Bind Part Two Review (PS4)

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

Apparently the first episode was getting way too long that they had to split it up into two parts for this game and release the second episode at the same time. Does anyone else smell the Minecraft: Story Mode explanation of “needing more episodes through DLC” story coming up for this season? Anyway, after playing the first episode I was eager to get into the second one and luckily was able to even though it took a few days to do so. Was it just as good as the first episode or was it lacking? Keep reading to find out.

You’ll start off where you left of in the first episode. Javier is reunited with his family only to see the demise of one of his family members along with the possible demise of another. He’ll see his somewhat perfect little world basically go to shit in the matter of minutes while single handedly running another community in the process. It seems like disaster follows this famous ex baseball player everywhere as it’s just one problem after another. You’ll have another flashback with Javier before the zombie apocalypse and get another glimpse into what’s been going on with Clementine since you last left off with her in season two. All of this will make for a somewhat short episode that has another surprise ending. Please make sure to pick your jaw up off the floor by the end of this one.

I felt like this episode was really short and kind of tacked on. It felt like it could have been played with the first episode and not felt too long like Telltale insisted that it would. I didn’t realize that there was a time limit that they had to stick to with each episode. Instead they went the Minecraft: Story Mode route of making this episode feel way too short as was the case with the second episode of Minecraft: Story Mode. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the second episode as you were introduced to Jesus. If you read the comics or watch the show you know who this character is even though I’m not really sure of his importance to this story at the moment. The ending was another kicker and I was once again a little disappointed that you were only able to play Clementine in another short flashback scene. Any chance I’m going to be able to play her for at least one whole episode Telltale or will that be in DLC?

Garrus is that you? If you’re a Mass Effect fan like I am then you might have picked up that Jesus sounded a lot like my favorite space bro Garrus. If you’re not a Mass Effect fan then you can just skip this paragraph because it’ll make no sense to you and you have no idea what I’m talking about. That’s because Jesus is played by the one and only Brandon Keener. Don’t get me wrong, I think that Brandon Keener is a very talented voice actor and he’s one of my favorites but I couldn’t help but picture Garrus head on Jesus’s body every time the man spoke. It was weird. Was it weird for my fellow Mass Effect fans? Let me know in the comments section below.

Just like with the first episode, there were some major improvements to the overall playability of this game. The quick time events are not only feeling more natural and more fluid within the game itself but they’re working a lot better. If you played the previous two seasons then you know that sometimes they were a little sketchy and sometimes you would do as prompted only to fail. This didn’t happen this time around but there were still problems with the loading times. Loading times still took way too long and I’m hoping this is something that will be cleared up in the future.

It didn’t happen to me but… While the only problem I had with my game was some loading time issues, it was reported to me, by LMD (who is a reliable source because well he’s my dad), that while playing his game crashed and he had to replay a portion of the game over again because it was a complete shut off the game crash. Like I said, this didn’t happen to me but I just wanted to put it out there so that you can be aware that it’s possible this could happen. I had this problem a lot with Telltale’s Batman and when I was told of this I wasn’t really surprised.

Like with other Telltale games, the graphics for this episode were consistent with that of the first episode. I’m enjoying the graphics this time around basically as long as I don’t see any other characters from other seasons because I would hate to see them have the same facelift that Jane had. As always with this game, the graphics really excel and kind of make the game. You can tell a lot of work went into them and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Did you get the first 6 trophies for the first episode? Of course you did because you’re playing the second episode. Finish this quick episode for another easy 6 trophies getting you 6 steps closer to getting the platinum trophy for this game. Please take my advice though and don’t play these games for the platinum trophies. Telltale happens to be a really good story telling company even with all of their flaws and it would be a waste if you’re just playing the games for the easy platinum trophy.

Do you have a Telltale account created yet? If you do you can go ahead and try out the crowd play feature for this game even though I refuse to. If not then you’re like me and this will be a single player experience for you.

Overall I give this episode a 3.5 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ Continuation of the first episode with another surprise ending that will have you shouting at your TV.
+ More natural feeling quick time events that fit nicely into the game.
+ Some more Clementine backstory.
+ Consistent graphics that are great.

What’s Not So Great:
Episode was too short and felt tacked on. It wasn’t long enough to warrant a part two and should have been included in the first episode.
More loading issues with the reported game crash issue that is not good.
You still aren’t able to fully play as Clementine.

While I was a little disappointed with this episode because of the length it was a good episode. I’m eager to see where this season is going especially with Clementine’s reveal and that ending. If you played you know what I’m talking about. Did anyone see that coming? I sure as hell didn’t. If you’re on the fence about this game, I would once again say to hold off especially since this episode was so short and I smell a “we need more episodes to finish up so buy our DLC” coming up. I could be wrong but you would probably benefit from waiting and have to shell out less money in the long run.

Spoilers! Below are the choices that I made for the second episode.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier_20161230143614


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